What Does The Color of Your House Say About You?

by / Friday, 28 September 2018 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.
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If there is one stage of home building that every homeowner loves, it is the painting stage. With so many colors, hues and tones to choose from, there’s never a dull moment.

But did you know that the colors you choose for your home reflect your innate personality? This is what new home builders have to say about color:

  1. Red & maroon

Reds and maroons are bright, strong shades. If you choose shades of red and maroon, you are full of life and energy. You are a very determined person and will not stop until you reach your goals. You are also the kind who loves having large groups of people over for parties. You also are more likely to be impulsive and emotional. There’s always excitement bubbling in such Florida lifestyle homes.

  1. Brown, orange, peach & yellow

These four shades are warm and earthy and people who choose to have these colors are very kind and genuine people. You love hosting intimate family gatherings filled with intelligent conversations and laughter. You are a very positive individual and are very grounded too, remaining practical and not getting swayed by your emotions.

  1. Green & lavender

Shades of green and lavender represent all things natural. If you have a lot of lavender or green in your home, you are attuned with the Earth, harbor a love for plants and may have asked your Florida home builder to design a well-maintained garden for your new home. It’s been observed that homes with these shades, tend to have people who love to take care of others. You are very affectionate, caring and very loyal. You’re also very responsible and will never shirk away from your duties.

  1. Blue

Blue is a color that represents a calm and controlled mind. If you have used many shades of blue in your home, you will tend to be very neat and tidy, detail-oriented and very put-together. You will also have your emotions tightly under control and will want your home to be an oasis of calm, away from the noisy world. Ask your home builders Viera FL for the best blue shades for your home.

  1. Pink & purple

People who favor colors that fall under the purple and pink shades are known to be creative. You will most-likely have custom-made wall hangings, artwork or clothing in your homes. You will also love the elegant lifestyle and you will be a perfectionist who will use beauty to cover-up any flaws you perceive are in your home.

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