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I can’t tell you how many new homes inViera, FL I tour and so many of them look alike.  Picture after picture of new homes for sale in Viera, FL and nothing really stands out.  At Stanley Homes, the details are in the designs we create that make our homes one of a kind.  Who wants a home that looks the same inside as all the other homes on the block?

At Stanley Homes the choice is yours to be as creative as you want!  Who wants a plain flat ceiling when you can have a centerpiece like the picture above?  This ceiling is featured in our new model home located in Viera, FL.  Even with just plain white paint, this still creates a dramatic architectural effect in the living room.   Something like this is hard find when buying a random resale in Viera, FL.  But when building your home with a quality custom builder like Stanley Homes, why stop there? At Stanley Homes we want to get creative and let you know you can take this already unique design even further.

These are just a few ideas:

  • Add different color paint accents
  • Add faux finish accents in the tray
  • Decorate with wood planks or wood paneling
  • Add decorative wall paper/wall covering
  • Add a stencil design in the tray
  • Decorate with tin tiles

You can put just about any material you can think of that would properly adhere to the ceiling.  I know sometimes it’s hard to find that creative bone in your body so that is whyStanley Homes interior design team is here to help.   The Stanley design team can help you come up with amazing ideas that will make your new custom home unique.


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