The Top 5 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips From Your Custom Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia County, Fl., Stanley Homes

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Stanley Homes, Custom Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia County, FL would like to share some safety tips to consider this upcoming holiday season for your new custom built home.  Protecting your family and your investment is a huge priority, so here are some ways on how to do both.  From our family to yours we send you the warmest wishes!


The Top 5 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips


  1. Christmas trees – Take the time and do a stress test before picking out this luscious green to display your ornaments and lights. If the needles or branches feel brittle and dry then this tree is not going to last very long.  Also check the resin on the tree stump, the stickier the better, but if it’s not producing a lot chances are that the tree has been cut for some time and is very dry.
  2. Artificial or live trees cannot withstand the heat–   Your tree placement is very important when it comes to safety so be aware of fire hazards.  Although it may look beautiful posted up next to the fireplace, don’t risk putting the tree close to any radiator, fireplace or other heating element.  Most importantly keep your real tree watered!
  3. Hang your ornaments with extra care–  Whether it’s your children, grandchildren or pets,  hang breakable ornaments higher and use ribbon or string instead of wire hooks so if the little hands grab at them there’s no risk of them choking on small pieces, tinsel included.
  4. Lights– Are you using outdoor lights outdoors, and indoor lights inside?  If you are unsure check your package for specific labeling.  Always plug lights into a GFCI outlet.  This will automatically cut off if there is an overcurrent which will decrease your chances of electrical fire.  If you are assembling lights on the outside of your house, be sure to use a stable ladder and recruit some help. Check the lights before you start to place them anywhere and be sure that there aren’t any cracks or damage to bulbs, plugs, or wires.  Also consider using LED lights that give off less heat.
  5. Candles– make sure to always extinguish candles and never leave them unattended.  Before you place the candles around the house, make sure they aren’t within range of where kids and pets could easily knock them over.  If you would like to keep the house glowing for hours check out some of the new battery operated tea lights offering the same ambiance as the real one without the hazard.

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