Tips for Decorating Your Brevard Home on Valentine’s Day

by / Friday, 15 February 2019 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

Now that Valentine’s Day is looming upon us, you may have plans with your loved one to celebrate the day. An often overlooked, yet romantic way to spend the holiday is to enjoy the day at the comfort of your own Florida lifestyle home instead of going out. This allows you to celebrate in a personal and meaningful manner.

Here are some tips you can put to use if you do decide to stay in on Valentine’s Day this year. These will help you create the mood for the day inside your own home:

  • Add splashes of red and white

Undoubtedly, red is the color of love, which makes it perfect for a day dedicated to celebrating love. Make sure to add splashes of red here and there in your home, and mix things up a little with a dash of white. For instance, you can have red and white flowers, red and white candles, etc.

  • Have a home bar decorated in the theme

Even if you don’t plan on drinking for the day, if you have a home bar, make sure it receives some attention too. You can have a bowl of Valentine’s Day candies next to your bottles, place some cute printables, or simply have some flower petals decorating the bar. Even if you don’t drink or don’t have a bar, you can have a coffee or hot chocolate station in your kitchen island or counter, and decorate it any way you want. This really helps create the mood for the special day.

  • Cute throw pillows can make a huge difference

A simple, yet effective way to bring your living area to life on Valentine’s Day is to get some holiday-themed throw pillows in your couch. You can easily find throw pillows with various love-themed designs in stores or online. If possible, make sure you get some red and white pillows to keep up with your home décor theme.

  • Light, beautiful, scented candles around the house

What better way to set the mood than to light some heavenly-scented candles around the house? Especially if you are eating at home, you can’t go wrong with a candlelight dinner. Even if you’re not, you can still light some candles to create a romantic, yet peaceful and calming environment.

  • Have flowers decorate your home

An easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your Florida lifestyle home is to have flowers bringing your interiors to life. Flowers have always been symbolic of love, so it is a must on the day we celebrate love.

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