What You need to Know about Solar Powered Homes in Brevard County

by / Friday, 09 December 2016 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

Brevard County is one of the largest counties in Florida. This county is situated along the Atlantic Ocean along the central part of the east Florida coast. Brevard County, just like most of North and East Florida has a humid subtropical climate marked by long, hot and humid summers. Even though this county has more rainfall than the national average, with 236 sunny days per year it has more than 30 sunny days compared to national average. This is one of the reasons why so many households in Brevard County are using solar power as an alternative source of energy. Of course, the fast advance of technology that made solar panels more efficient is another reason why homeowners use more solar power today.

Solar powered homes in Brevard County have reported the same benefits as the ones all over the US. First of all, homeowners have witnessed monthly savings from day one because their electricity bills were significantly reduced. Second, after the initial investment, the solar panels they’ve installed have provided a great return on investment and it didn’t take much time to see this benefit. Finally, the installation of solar panels has helped them increase home value for about 10% on average.

What is interesting is that the number of solar powered homes in Brevard County is increasing and this year’s referendum on a state level has confirmed that people in Florida, including people in Brevard County, are impressed by solar energy. Namely, about 73% of voters in Florida voted in favor of Amendment 4 which exempts business owners and residential owners from equipment and property taxes when they install solar energy panels. The number of people who approved this measure in Brevard County was even higher. It seems that Brevard County is prepared to expand solar.

With more than few dozens of solar companies, it is easy for homeowners in this county to choose a good provider. But, it is good to point out that choosing the right way to make your home solar in Brevard County can be a little bit difficult. Homeowners can use leases, loans, power-purchase deals etc. When making your decision you must take a few things into consideration before making your final choice. Namely, you must think about the ownership of your home, how long you will stay, how much money you have for an initial investment and what’s your energy consumption rate.

Today, there are about 230.000 households in Brevard County of which nearly 20% of them have some sort of solar energy device installed. Another fascinating fact about this county is the construction of the first zero-energy home a few years ago. This means that the home relies strictly on solar panels to generate electricity. There are several companies that are building such homes and the owners are more than satisfied because in many cases they generate more energy than they actually need. Solar powered homes in Brevard County are not some sort of trend, they are here to stay.

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