Home Energy Improvement— Best Practices

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If you are looking for a way to save some money, you should know that there are some home energy improvement practices that can help you save energy and money. There is no doubt that your home is taking a large portion of your paycheck, but this thing can be fixed if you are following certain practices. With the home energy improvement options that we will discuss in this article, you will boost energy efficiency. Besides saving money, you will also protect the environment.

Sealing the interior and exterior

When starting a project like this, it is crucial to seal all the leaks, holes and other similar areas in the home because in this way you will enhance insulation from the inside and make your place cozier and energy efficient. So, start by testing your home for leaks. If you are aware of some openings to the exterior like a fireplace, large bathroom ventilation fans, furnace flues, water heater flues or similar openings, seal them as much as you can. After that, inspect the exterior sheathing and use repainting or other methods to cover the caulk and holes.

When this sealing procedure is finished, you should focus on your home’s interior. To start with, it is highly recommended to check whether your home has gaps located between floors and baseboards.  Taking care of these gaps means blocking air flow at foot level. After that, you must install pieces of equipment like switches and gaskets to prevent drafts. If you have experienced the so-called stack effect caused by warm air elevation, then you know that you must inspect the attic too.

Sealing windows

Even though sealing windows is a procedure that is usually performed in areas where the weather is cold, truth is that if you are interested in home energy improvement, this practice is helpful regardless of the weather. Many homeowners in Florida use a special caulk gun as a sealant to protect their homes from cracks and gaps between window frames and windows. While we are talking about windows, it is good to mention that using blinds, curtains, and drapes can also help homeowners save money and energy. By using these window treatments during the day you can let sunlight and warm your rooms in winter and vice versa – keep them cooler in summer.

Weather stripping doors

It turns out that doors are not providing simple physical protection and audio barrier. They can also seal your home and prevent drafts and influx of warm air. This is the reason why you should think about investing in weather stripping doors. Most homeowners rely on brass and bronze strips for this purpose.


Spend some time on this activity because landscaping has the ability to enhance the beauty of your home and save some energy too. Namely, by placing trees and shrubs in specific locations, you will be able to keep the hot Floridian summer sun away from your windows. In this way, you won’t have to use the air conditioning all the time.

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