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Who doesn’t want to save money on their electric bills? Especially when it comes to our wonderful warm Florida summers.  When building a new construction home in Brevard County or looking for a pre -existing home for sale, one of the most cost effective ways to improve energy efficiency is sealing and insulating  the perimeters. This would typically include the outer walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and floors.

However, in order to be efficient, these items have to be installed correctly and should be done by a knowledgeable homeowner or contractor. For new construction homes, Stanley Homes takes it one step further by offering our home buyers an FPL “Buildsmart” energy efficient rated home. Below are just a few things that Stanley Homes includes when building a home in our Levanto community located in Viera, FL.

  • Buildsmart energy Efficient rated home – this can save you more than 30% on your utility bill. All Stanley Homes are certified buildsmart homes by FPL.  Get peace of mind knowing Florida Power and light inspected your new home.


  • Certified 3rd party air duct leak & air tight building envelope inspection- Air ducts are used to distribute conditioned air/heat throughout your home. In a typical home about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks and poorly sealed connections. This in turn will result in higher energy bills and difficulty keeping the house to a comfortable setting. Stanley homes wants to make sure this is done right with a 3rd party inspection.


  • Energy star HP double insulated windows – In Brevard County, FL  we have some pretty hot summers, so double-pane windows only let about half as much heat pass through the window. This keeps your home cooler and helps keep your energy bills lower.


  • 16 SEER high efficiency air conditioning system- this system is 25%-35% more efficient than the standard air conditioner. This unit has a double spin fin which transfers the air twice as fast, which allows the unit to be efficient longer.


  • R-38 blown insulation with radiant barrier- Our custom homes in Viera, FL uses Cellulose which is an environmentally friendly insulation made from recycled paper. It has excellent sound insulating properties and is fire resistant. Cellulose is also the only insulation that actually controls moisture. The higher the R-value the better the insulation. In addition, Stanley Homes includes a radiant barrier which deflects radiant heat that can pass through insulation, so we can further increase your home’s energy efficiency.


  • R19 Foam inject block walls around living areas- Stanley Homes tries to reduce your bills futher by using foam inject on the block walls around the living areasFoam insulation can help improve air quality by trying to prevent unhealthy air from gaining entrance. Foam inject can also help with sound reduction and provide a secondary water barrier. Foam inject is a newer concept and typically would not be found on an older home for sale in Melbourne, FL.


Also keep this in mind when looking at  pre-existing homes for sale in Melbourne FL .  These are things to look for no matter what home your are building or buying in Brevard County, FL.


East Coast, FL Home Builder Stanley Homes – Jason Stanley, OWNER Stanley Homes is one of the areas fastest growing new home builders. I specialize in affordable custom homes on the East Coast of Florida in areas including Melbourne, Florida, West Melbourne Florida, SuntreeFlorida, Palm Bay Florida, Viera Florida, and throughout Brevard County, Florida, . Toll Free 321-684-7761.

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