Durable Home Materials for Florida’s Coastal Climate

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Durable Home Materials for Florida’s Coastal Climate | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

If you are planning to build a home in Melbourne Florida, you must take many things into consideration. Of course, one of the main things you should take into account is the home materials you will use. The fact is that the market is full of different home materials, but the place where you are planning to build your home will determine the type of materials you’ll need.

The parts of Florida along the coast, Melbourne for instance, need extra protection from moisture. This is probably the main concern when it comes to home materials. Mold has affected many homes in Florida, so you definitely want to avoid situations like this. Some types of wood and insulation are not very resistant to moisture and mold. So, what are some of the best durable home materials for Florida’s coastal climate?

We will start with roofing because many homeowners in Florida had problems in the past with this important part of the house. Metal is one of the first choices for roofing. This material is resistant to almost any weather conditions; it’s durable and provides energy efficiency. The only downside is that during the hot summer months it may increase the temperature inside the home, so unless you have a solution under the roof for this problem you should look for another option. This other option might be slate. Most Floridians like this natural stone because of its beautiful appearance, but this material has also proven to be very durable. It is impossible to witness rotting in this material. If you choose this option, make sure that the support system you have is adequate because these stones can be quite heavy. Clay tile and western red cedar roofing are good solutions too and some homeowners of Florida have confirmed their functionality and durability.

Flooring should be your next concern. Just like in other parts of Florida and the US, hardwood is the first option for most Floridians when they are looking for durable, yet attractive flooring. According to flooring experts, engineered hardwood is ideal for Florida’s coastal climate because it doesn’t react to temperature and humidity changes like solid hardwood. They also recommend white oak. If you are looking for a durable home material for flooring that can be used both inside and outside then you can always count on concrete. Of course, this material is not very attractive, but it can withstand any condition. Porcelain tiles are also popular in Florida because they provide a specific cold feeling under bare feet. In addition, porcelain tiles are water and moisture resistant and extremely durable.

Another durable home material that you should take into consideration is exterior paint. Florida’s coastal areas are usually sunny and have high level of moisture and regular exterior paint won’t last much in such climate. So, it is a better idea to pay a little bit more and use acrylic latex paint.

We hope that this article will help you opt for the best durable home materials for your home in Florida.

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