Why You Should Consider Radiant Floor Heating This Winter Season

by / Friday, 22 December 2017 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.
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With your favorite holiday season just around the corner, there is more reason to rejoice and make merry! However, the only ‘not so cool’ aspect of the winters is the painful palpitations that you experience the moment to place your bare foot on the chilly floors every morning. Wouldn’t it be just incredible if the floors around your house were to stay as warm and inviting as your favorite mittens! Well, if you too feel that way you might consider the prospect of installing radiant heating under your flooring as a smart home improvement project this winter season.

What is radiant floor heating?

A luxurious and convenient solution to your winter problems, radiant floor heating is one of the most popular custom building and remodeling trends for the contemporary homes in the recent times. Typically installed beneath your actual flooring, the radiant floor heating systems are designed to deliver consistent warmth to your living spaces and offer a permanent solution to the dreaded cold floors, especially during the harsh winter months.

What are the benefits of installing radiant floor heating?

It is the plethora of remarkable benefits of installing radiant floor heating in your living spaces that make it one of the choicest home improvement trends among modern homeowners. To make things easier for you to decide, we have compiled a list of a few of the major advantages of radiant floor heating in contemporary homes. Have a look.

  • As opposed to the traditional heating systems that typically incorporate convective technology and rely solely on air to circulate the heat around the house, the radiant floor heating systems make efficient use of radiant heat to generate the same effect with lesser energy consumption. While convective systems require more energy and take longer to increase extremely low temperatures, the radiant floor heating is able to warm up faster and that while utilizing energy more efficiently.
  • Since the radiant floor heating systems are designed to evenly distribute the heat across the entire floor layout of the house, you do not need to worry about being charred or burnt with extreme temperature imbalances in the flooring.
  • In addition to that, you can either install radiant floor heating in specific rooms or walkways or choose to carry out the installation throughout the house. Some homeowners install radiant floor heating systems only in the non-carpeted or tiled areas of their homes including kitchens, bathrooms and such.
  • The one most attractive benefit of the radiant floor heating is the fact that unlike conventional heating systems that tend to dry out the indoor air inside your home, the former allows adequate moisture retention. That being said, you no longer need to install an additional humidifier in your home.

Most importantly, installing radiant floor heating will instantly notch up the resale value of your home and end up as a smart investment you wouldn’t ever regret.

Radiant floor heating is not something a lot of Florida homebuilders consider, but in more luxury Florida homes we find that some like installing it in the bathroom for that added comfort for the colder winter nights and mornings.  For any custom amenity you want, contact Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL at 321-684-7761 or contact us via email.  We are currently building in Viera’s Seville and Valencia at Addison Village communities.  If you are looking for a move in ready home please check out our current inventory homes that are built and ready.  We have the knowledge and experience building custom luxury homes in Brevard, so you can rest assured that your home will be built exactly to your specifications.  With a custom home from Stanley Homes you can customize it exactly how you want so your family will love it.  Stanley Homes’ designers and planners can help you build the best home for your lifestyle.  With convenient locations in Brevard we can help you plan your new construction home to your exact needs. Florida Style of Living Homes from Stanley Homes in Brevard.


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