How to Choose Natural Materials when Building Your Florida Home

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Building a home can be a daunting task. We have so much we want to have in our home: a perfect look, a lasting design, durable structure as well as a comfortable one. Maintaining the health of the inhabitants is also extremely important. This is why most people are opting for Green Building materials in their custom homes. Stanley Homes in Brevard FL has been at the forefront of natural materials for building homes. But how do you choose green building materials?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

These are chemicals that can easily turn to gaseous form, mixing with the oxygen in the air. Varnishes, paints, carpet, and vinyl have these. Before picking a building material, it is important to check the level of VOCs in them. If it is high, then avoid it. If it is low, then it is better used to help Stanley Homes in Brevard FL turn your custom home into a natural haven.

Opt for Bricks

Bricks are made from clay and shale which are natural materials. This is as organic as you can get when choosing the frame of your house in Florida. Bricks are safe as well as attractive, giving your home a nice and aesthetic finish.

Why else should you use bricks in your Brevard FL home contruction?

They are Perfect for Humid Areas

Bricks absorb moisture within the house and slowly expel it outwards. This regulates the steam that would be generated inside from cooking, drying clothes and other activities. Brick also works well in summer as it regulates the temperature as well as humidity within the house creating a regulated environment. The added benefit to this is that you get to conserve energy within the home as air conditioners and thermal regulators are used less within the home.

Fire Resistant

Clay is nonflammable, making it the perfect material for Brevard FL home construction. The bricks make the home a safe environment as the likelihood of a fire breaking out within the home is significantly reduced.

Extremely Durable

Bricks have a long life, estimated at about 100 years. Your custom Florida home is, therefore, durable, strong and sturdy for years to come. It reduces the need to carry out renovations which translates in savings in the long-term. Using brick, therefore, makes your Brevard FL home construction cheaper and longer-lasting.

Choosing Your Finishing

Opt for real wood, wool or soy-based materials. These are natural and safer to use within the home. The other option is to opt for second-hand items such as furniture or fittings. While they have been used, it is pretty unlikely that they will be as toxic as any newer material which still has to go through a chemical process and breakdown in its lifetime. The downside to using second-hand pieces, though, is that you have to be really careful about what you pick so that you do not choose materials that will fail you in a short period of time. Find something unique and in good condition.

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