Best Materials For Bathroom Vanities

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If you are renovating your bathroom, or you are building a new home, your vanity is perhaps the most important piece. It is like a statement piece in your bathroom that immediately captures the attention of anyone who enters.

Home building is like putting jigsaw pieces together. If one room or area, such as the bathroom doesn’t fit with the other pieces, your home may look and feel incomplete. Many home builders in Viera FL will provide you multiple options when it comes to materials for your bathroom vanity. It is important that based on your budget, your needs, and bathroom goals, you pick the right material. Besides, because vanities are exposed to water, chemicals from bathroom products and make-up, and steam from showers, it’s important that the material is durable and has high resistance.

Below, we take a look at the best materials you can use for bathroom vanities.

·Particle board

Particle board is made from wood particles glued together, which is heated and then pressed into sheets or boards. Usually, wood veneer is painted over it, or it is laminated. Particle board is extremely cost-effective, which makes it so popular. However, it may not last very long as it can sag from the weight of countertops. It also has low resistance against water and steam, making it not the most ideal choice for your vanity if you have few extra dollars to spare.


Made from veneers of wood which are glued to each other so as to form sheets, plywood is available in various qualities and thicknesses. High-quality plywood is a great choice for bathroom vanities, and many custom home builders recommend it. Especially when you cover the plywood with veneer, it becomes extremely stable and won’t easily contract or expand because of the steam or moisture in the bathroom. It is even a better choice than solid wood.


When it comes to home building and bathroom renovations, many often contemplate on choosing Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF for their bathroom vanity. Made from gluing fibers and composite wood pieces together using resin adhesive or wax, MDF is a common choice for many. Apart from being affordable, it has an extremely smooth surface, which means that painting is easy and it looks amazing. Besides, painting on it prevents the MDF from releasing formaldehyde, a strong-smelling gas that is known to cause cancer.

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