Viera Home Builder – 4 Ways to Build A Green Home

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Finished customer home using the Verona IV floor play by Stanley Homes in Viera FL

If you are looking for a green Viera home builder, contact Stanly Homes.  Building a green home means keeping it sustainable from the day you start planning. Sustainability takes effort, but, if done right, it can not only make your home eco-friendly but also reduce long-term costs in many ways. Are you planning to build your home? Do you wish to make it green but do not know how? Read on to understand what makes a home green and how you can achieve it.

Building an environmentally friendly home

With the advancement the technology has seen in the past few years, it has become increasingly easier to build a green home without spending excessive time and money. Here are a few green ideas you could incorporate into your building plans for your home.

  • Recycle and reuse: If you are breaking an old structure to build your new home, you can reuse and recycle a lot of materials, be it wood, metal or other materials, from the old structure. You can use it during construction and interior work. If you are building on an empty plot, you can reuse and recycle material from other construction sites. You can use good quality scrap wood instead of felling sturdy trees for construction or furniture.
  • Harness solar and wind energy: You can set up solar panels on your rooftop and incorporate solar cell in your windowpanes. Wind energy may be a bit more expensive to set up, but requires less care and lasts longer than solar cells and panels. Ensure that these resources can be tapped well in the region while planning. You can connect these to your entire house, so you do not need to buy much power, if at all.
  • Keep it small: Large homes require more building material and more energy to build and use. They also cause more wastage of resources. Keep the design of your home simple, basic, and minimal so you use fewer resources to build and maintain your home.
  • Avoid facing the afternoon sun: West-facing houses heat up a lot more than houses facing other directions. This is because the afternoon sun can be really warm and can heat up your home more than you would like, thus leading you to use more cooling and air-conditioning in your home. To avoid such situations, you can plan your house in such a way that none of the main doors and windows face west.

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