Top 10 Roofing Materials for Florida’s Sticky Climate

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We all know that Florida has a specific climate and there are many cases when the weather interrupts our everyday activities in our homes. In situations like this, people usually use the air conditioning systems, but the fact is that the most efficient way to prevent the negative effects of Florida’s sticky climate is to choose the right roofing materials. With a suitable roof, the heat should not be trapped in your home or absorbed; it will be released through the roof. The following is a list of ten roofing materials ideal for Florida’s specific climate.

  1. Slate tile

Slate tile roofing originates from Europe, but it has been used in Florida for about four hundred years. Slate is known for its durability and appearance. Many people love the fact that these tiles come in a wide range of natural colors. They come with strong reflective properties which make them ideal for any home in Florida.

  1. Cool coatings

Thanks to modern technology, roofs can be covered with special cool coatings. Paints based on ceramics, special foam sprays, and elastomeric sealants are some of the procedures used to create these cool-roof coatings.

  1. Clay and terracotta

Instead of trying to come up with some unique solution, we can always check the solutions found in countries where heat and the sunshine are present throughout the year like Italy and Spain and Mexico. Terracotta tiles and clay tiles have been used there for centuries and there are many cases where the roof remained in excellent shape even after decades of sun exposure. They have special composition and shape that makes them perfect for keeping the house cool.

  1. Green roofs

Go green! Instead of using lifeless materials, you can opt for a waterproof membrane packed with soil and plants which will make the temperature of your home drop and support the growth of plants. These so-called living or green roofs are becoming a huge hit.

  1. Concrete tiles with cool colors

This is a more affordable alternative compared to clay and slate tiles. It will take a lot of time for concrete to heat and it provides excellent protection against moisture. It is also a good solution against pests. Just make sure that the tiles have special cool colors.

  1. Solar systems

Now here’s a way to keep the temperature in your home at ideal level and cut energy bills too. Instead of looking for a way to reflect the heat, you can use solar panels to attract it and use it as solar energy. The latest solar systems are very efficient and they can help you get almost free energy throughout the year.

  1. White Barrel S-style tile

White Barrel S-style tiles that are made from concrete have proven to be very efficient when it comes to reflecting sun rays. They can reflect up to ¾ of the sun’s energy.

  1. Rubber membrane roofing

Even though it sounds unusual, this is not actually real rubber. It represents a synthetic rubber known as EPDM, which can be used as a membrane against heat. In addition, they are waterproof too.

  1. White metal roofing

White is the favorite color when it comes to exteriors and interiors in Floridian homes. Even though we are talking about metal, the white color and its specific structure can reflect sun’s energy.

  1. White flat tile

Finally, white flat tile is another excellent solution for the sticky climate. These tiles are made of elastomeric material, ceramic and mixture of cement and fibers. They can reflect up to 80% of sun’s energy.

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