Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Floorplan, Stanley Homes

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Captiva III floor planStanley Homes, Premier Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia County, has helped more than 500 families build their dream homes.  From upgraded kitchens and closets, to fire pits in the pool area, we have been a part of the decision making process from start to finish many times.  Avoid these 10 mistakes when searching floorplans.

  1. Don’t think that every house is suitable.  Not every home is designed with your family in mind.  If you don’t mind stairs, a two story house may be something you are interested in. First decision to make, multi-story or single story?  Do you want a split floor plan as well?
  2. Avoid making the decision alone.  Take your family with you when looking in models.  Whether you are the primary decision maker on this project or not these people (big and small) are going to be staying in the home too, so let them also voice their opinions on what they like and don’t care for in the home.
  3. Every upgraded feature is not necessary.  Only you really know what you can and cannot afford so make a list of what you definitely want to upgrade and things you would be okay with compromising on until later.  You can always upgrade certain things later on.
  4. Don’t assume that every room has ample amount of space.  If you have ever moved from one home to another the first thing you typically notice is that some of the furniture doesn’t end up fitting properly, or maybe you don’t have enough of furniture to fill the space. Measure your furniture, walking space, closet space etc and keep the information handy while “shopping floor plans”.
  5. That you are NOT going to have company. When your new home is done being built, it’s going to be the perfect excuse to have visitors, families and friends come over.  Does this floor plan allow enough space to entertain the way you like to? Some homeowners like to entertain in the kitchen, other possibly outside by the pool, or even in the great room.  So think about your current home and what you like and don’t like when having a house full of people over.
  6. Forgetting how the house looks on your lot. With Stanley Homes, each floor plan is customizable, but the location, you are stuck with! Same goes for when you are looking at model homes, you may not like what the patio is currently facing but don’t forget the layout of your property.
  7. Overlooking storage space.  Is your current home about to burst open at the seams which is causing you to need a bigger home? Do you need bigger closets?
  8. Natural light is not important.  What side of the house is the sun setting on? Are you going to work from home and your office is facing the hottest side of the house?
  9. That a “mud room” is for Northern homeowners only.  If you have children then you understand that they need a place for their backpacks, shoes, coats and umbrellas no matter what state you live in.
  10. Not considering the benefits of building a “green” home ahead of time.  Consider some options to keep help keep your costs down.  Gas prices continue to fluctuate which is something we have no control over but we can control the amount of energy we consume at home. Do your research, ask lots of questions.



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