A Few Tips for Identifying the Best Lot for Building a Custom Home

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A Few Tips for Identifying the Best Lot for Building a Custom Home | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

It seems that choosing the right building lot is one of the crucial decisions people make whenever they decide to start a new custom home project.

This decision will directly impact the type of home you can select and how comfortable and pleasant you will feel in the future.

That’s why before future buyers start checking the lots in the area that they find attractive, they should take a few things into consideration. As a matter of fact, many experts agree that by checking only three things, buyers should be able to find the best building lot.

  1. Check the area

First and foremost, you should analyze all the available building lots in the broader area that you find attractive. It is a good idea to check the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) site managed by local realtors and some of the popular national websites of this kind. Thanks to these sites you can easily locate available lots and refine the search by providing additional information like price range, location, size and other indicators that can help you make the right choice. Of course, we should not forget how helpful real estate agents can be because in many cases they have information about building lots that can’t be found on the Internet or anywhere else.

  1. Identify the best options

In order to conduct proper MLS search, you should create a list of property characteristics that have importance to you and your family. In other words, you must create a priority list because note very attribute is equally important. There are also some additional criteria that may help you make the right decision in case you come across several similar choices.

Obviously, the most important factors include lot size and your budget. In addition, you should determine other factors that will directly affect the quality of life. Different people have different expectations, but some of the factors that most people take into consideration are property taxes, the quality and level of school system, access to services and stores, closeness to roads and highways, history of area property values etc.

  1. Conduct a building lot evaluation

When you determine one property that you are interested in, it is crucial to contact a builder or some other professional who is able to conduct building lot evaluation before actually buying it. This is the final step that will help you spot some possible problems and issues that can affect the construction process and your home’s value in the future. This type of evaluation is focused on many different aspects of the lot like access to utilities, condition of the soil, water issues, certain downsides etc. In addition, these professionals will tell you whether there is something on the building lot that will increase building costs – for example, removal of rocks and clearing of trees.

As you can see this process is not very difficult and if you have a good plan you can actually make it fun and pleasant. Remember that this decision will determine the quality of your life in the future, so take your time and complete these steps.

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