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Building a home in Florida is something that a lot of people dream about. They want to pick a lot, design a floor plan, and choose the interior design. It is exciting for them to see their dream house come together before their very eyes.



Cabinets are one of the most important parts of home furnishing. However, just like almost any other piece of furniture, cabinets have a certain life span and after a while, they look a little bit worn out.



According to many experts, the southern part of Brevard Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. This is the reason why more and more people are moving there.

How to Know it’s Time for Home Renovations | Home Construction | Stanley Homes


Home renovation can bring many benefits to the homeowners. This complex task will improve the functionality and appearance of any home, reduce energy costs, increase property value and bring few other positive changes. But,

A Few Tips for Identifying the Best Lot for Building a Custom Home | Home Construction | Stanley Homes


It seems that choosing the right building lot is one of the crucial decisions people make whenever they decide to start a new custom home project.

This decision will directly impact the type of home you can select and how comfortable and pleasant you will feel in the future.

Can't Park Your Car in Your Garage? 5 Tips to an Uncluttered Garage | Home Construction | Stanley Homes


After years of neglect homeowners in Brevard and Volusia usually ask themselves “How did my garage get so cluttered?” Well, the main reason for this occurrence is the fact that we don’t return the items that we use to their places.