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WHY SHOULD I BUY SOLAR PANELS? | Home Construction | Stanley Homes 2

The American climate provides the perfect environment for taking advantage of the enormous amount of energy that the sun provides. On average, the per square metre solar radiation availability in America is the highest in the world.

We’re not called the sunburnt country for nothing! How can I benefit from this bountiful energy source, you ask? Here are a few reasons why you should have solar panels installed in your home!

Financially, solar panels provide benefits which accrue over time. Of course there are initial set-up costs, but if you consider these initial costs as an investment, you’ll begin to understand the financial rewards you can reap in the future. By installing solar panels, you will be using less electricity from the grid and you’ll be saving money on your power bills. When you begin to generate more electricity than you actually need, you may also be eligible to sell any surplus energy back to the grid. It’s win win! solar-panels

Solar panels are also extremely low maintenance and easy to install. They have no moving parts, so other than an extremely occasional cleaning or hosing down of dust and other buildup, solar panels can just chill (or heat?) on your roof for decades with minimal interference from you. They can also be installed within days, depending on the size of the system.

Importantly, you’ll also feel really warm and fuzzy (get it-warm?) because you will be able to join team Green and help to reduce your carbon footprint! Solar energy is clean and renewable, and solar panel use doesn’t release any greenhouse gases or other air pollution.


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