Should I DIY or Call a Pro?

by / Thursday, 28 May 2015 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.
Should I DIY or Call a Pro? | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

With the list of home improvement projects piling up in your home, it’s time to separate out what goes on your weekend to-do list from what you should hire a professional to tackle. Unless you have the skill and expertise, it’s safer to hire professionals for projects involving electricity, plumbing and major additions or remodels.

To help you categorize your list of projects, here are some things that can go on your DIY list and others that should be left to a professional:


1. Painting interior walls: With some drop cloths, paint, painter’s tape and time on the weekend, you can transform a room into a whole new space. Be sure to plan ahead to avoid any mishaps or extensive cleanups later. Remove furniture, lay drop cloths over flooring and adhere painter’s tape around baseboards and crown molding so they don’t get painted by accident.

2. Replacing broken tiles: When tiles break in kitchen or bathroom floors, you can hire a professional to replace them. However, if you have the extra tiles on hand, you can also pull up the broken tile and replace it yourself. Just have any other tools necessary for the repair job, like grout and painter’s tape, before starting the repair.

3. Power washing the exterior: Another easy project for homeowners is power washing the home exterior. When siding endure years of inclement climate conditions, it starts to look worn down and dusty. Rather than hiring a professional, homeowners can buy a power washer and clean their siding. Be sure to close all your windows and doors to avoid getting water in the house.


1. Removing trees: While it may seem like a good DIY project to take a chainsaw to a tree, there are aspects of tree removal that homeowners may not understand. For example, trees can come down on roofs, fences or power lines. There is also the possibility that you or your pets can get hurt by fallen limbs. Tree removal is an extensive process that includes culling branches and stump removal. It’s best to hire a local tree service rather than trying to axe it on your own.

2. Repairing the roof: While trying to repair shingles on your roof sounds easy, climbing up on a roof is difficult and dangerous. There can also be problems such as leaks, ice dams or insect-related damages that homeowners might not have the tools or experience to repair. A roofing professional will know how to safely navigate a roof.

3. Installing siding: Siding is one of the first defenses against climate conditions and pests. Siding contractors have the know-how and tools to put on the best siding based on location and house design. While it’s not a bad idea to research siding, you should rely on a professional when it comes to installation.


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