How Safe is Your Home? 10 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Investment By Stanley Homes, Custom Builder of Brevard & Volusia Counties

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burglarAmerican homes are victims of burglary about every 15 seconds, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The typical homeowner suffers a loss of nearly $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage. When was the last time you thought about protecting yourself?  Here at Stanley Homes, LuxuryHome Builder of Brevard & Volusia Counties, we have compiled a quick checklist in hopes of helping to protect yourself and your home before being faced with such a traumatic event.

  • Exterior Lighting/ Motion Sensors– Install flood lights around your house with motion sensors so any movement at night triggers them to come on.
  • Community Watch Involvement– Get involved with your neighbors, report any suspicious behavior you see in or around your house to the local police.
  • Dog Owner– Regardless of the size of the dog it’s more about the bark.  Be a noisy neighbor it will defer a thief from choosing your home.
  • Home Alarm– What more could we say here? Regardless if you are building on your lot or bought a home for sale, an alarm system offers peace of mind.
  • Property Fence– Putting a fence around your property will help keep those you want out.
  • Landscaping– Burglars tend to hide in bushes, shrubs, trees or rough landscaping so keep your yard tidy.  Call the city regarding empty lots with lots of brush, if they are close to your home, about the possibility of them tending to it.
  • Interior Decorating– Yes, interior decorating can help too! Let your wife buy those curtains and blinds to keep peeping eyes from seeing your prized possessions.
  • Trash Bins– Hide your trash in your carts, try not to display that big screen TV box or the new pc you just purchased. Also keep your garage closed at all times, burglaries don’t just happen at night.
  • Set Timers inside Your Home– If you’re going to be away for a while then set automatic timers to turn your lights off and on in your home.  Let your trusted neighbors know when you will return.
  • Lock All Doors & Windows– This one seems like common sense, but I have to admit here that my personal laptop was stolen when I left my apartment door unlocked all of 30 minutes to run my car through the car wash.  Seems silly to even write this but I had nice neighbors, thought no one would steal from me and viola, missing laptop and of course not a soul saw or knew anything. Lesson learned.

Stanley Homes hopes that you find this information useful and it keeps you safe a protected.  With the beautiful weather outside and it being tax return time we know that keeping the windows open and buying new toys are definitely in order. Just be careful!

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