Outdoor Lighting Tricks And Tips

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Outdoor Lighting Tricks And Tips | Home Construction | Stanley Homes 1

If you are anything like me, you never want the warm evenings of summer to end! Hanging outside long after the sun has gone down with only a light throw blanket around your shoulders is a feeling like none other.

As we creep into the early days of fall, I thought I would highlight some amazing outdoor spaces from Elle Decor that feature outdoor lighting.

This is one way to keep it bright and inviting as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier yet the warm air still lingers. There are so many different types of outdoor lighting options, there is surely one for every person and every design style.

1. The Attention-Grabbing Chandelier:

There is something about an outdoor chandelier that is whimsical and beautiful. Its like it doesn’t belong out there, but somehow fits so perfectly.

The crystal chandelier above glistens as the sun sets, and mimics the twinkling stars about to grace the sky.

Taking a beautiful vintage crystal chandelier and retrofitting it for the outdoors is an investment well spent as you gasp at how beautiful your patio can become.

2. The Multifaceted Metal Fixture:

Rustic metal chandeliers and sconces for the outdoors are a timeless classic that aren’t going anywhere soon.

These lovely fixtures come in so many different styles, they aren’t just for the old Spanish home anymore.

From classic to traditional to modern to exotic – adding a touch of warm light to your late summer evening will remind you of that big, beautiful sunset glow for months to come.

3. The Noncommittal Candle Lantern:

Do you have an open space with no possibility of hardwiring? Instead of wagging your head at this post thinking “why cant I enjoy these beautiful outdoor chandeliers?”, think how lucky you are that you can slap beautiful lantern all over your outdoor space with no commitment or permanence necessary!

Outdoor candles have come such a long way, these days they are good looking, inexpensive and most of them are on timers, which means the lowest maintenance possible.landscape-lighting

So snatch up a few beautiful iron lanterns, set those candles to a timer and kick your feet up, you’re done!
Nothing refreshes the look of your home like new outdoor lighting fixtures. At Lamps Plus, we carry a complete line of exterior lighting for porch, patio and landscape areas that can help make your home safer and more attractive. Brighten an entryway with a hanging design, add style to outside walls or ceilings, or use post lights to improve your driveway and garage areas.

These are only three ideas of many for outdoor lighting. What kind of lighting do you have outside? Comment below!


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