New Year’s Resolutions- Make or Break Them?

by / Tuesday, 31 December 2013 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

New-Years-Resolution-CartoonWith the New Year’s approaching, we here at Stanley Homes, Custom Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia County, are not the only people wondering, should I make a New Year’s Resolution this year?  What was mine for last year? Clearly it didn’t last if we can’t remember it.  Without being cliche I’m sure we could all stand to lose a little extra weight, quit smoking (if you do), eat better, exercise more, and save more money but of course, old habits are hard to break and within the first few months it’s much easier to ditch the “right way”, and go back to whatever your comfort zone is.  So is it worth making a New Year’s resolution if in all actuality you’re probably not going to keep it? Stanley Homes says yes! With a little adjustment to your usual way of setting goals, we can help you increase your probability of achieving them this time around.


1.)    Write down your goals.  Whether they are big or small if you don’t write them down studies have shown that you are less likely to achieve them.  Go get some paper!

2.)    Be realistic.  There is no “right” or “wrong” way to how you write your goals but there is a certain level of reality that needs to be considered while writing them.  If your goal is to travel the world, maybe be more specific in choosing your first destination, then choosing a time of year and setting into place an action plan on how you’re going to prepare for it by then. Ever heard of the saying the best way to eat an elephant is in small bites?

3.)    Your goals do not have to be monumental.  It’s going to be the topic of conversation in most social settings while New Year’s is approaching which means that Mr. One-upper is sure to have a monumental resolution, good for him.  You goal can be short and simple.  It’s yours.  Example: I’m going to hold the door open more often for the elderly, etc.

4.)    Re-commit.  If you fall on your face the first week after creating your resolution, re-commit yourself.  Studies show it takes the average person at least 7-8 times before successfully quitting smoking. If you miss the gym next week, re-adjust your commitment and start fresh the following week. If you fail, try, try again!

5.)    Enroll others in your commitment.  Whether it’s through basic communication or inviting them to exercise with you, tell them what your resolution is.  Make a pact with them, if you “skip” the gym you have to buy them dinner.  Have an accountability partner.

Stanley Homes hopes that whether you decide to make a resolution or not that you and your family have a healthy & prosperous New Year!


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