Memorial Day weekend and Summer Outdoor Activities That Your Kids Will Never Have Enough Of

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With Memorial Day weekend and summer coming soon, now is the time to start finding ways to entertain your kids.  Keeping your kids engaged can be one of the most challenging tasks to perform as a parent. Besides taking care of your kid’s hygiene and nutrition, you need to ensure that he/she is getting the fun they deserve. Toys and board games are good in their place, but they can be extremely sedentary ways of enjoying. Your kids need something active.

Summers are a good time to spend most of your day outdoors with your kids. In fact, it’s the best time to get your lazy kids out of bed and get them going. However, feeling stuck when it comes to inventing outdoor games is natural. But you can be sure of a huge range of outdoor games that your kids would simply love.

Outdoor games to get your kids playing

If you are thinking of giving your kids an enjoyable time outdoors, here are a few games to consider:

Fizzy foaming car wash

You can use a simple water table and a few household items to enjoy this messy but fun activity. You fill a kiddie pool with a foamy solution and let your kids wash their toy cars as if they are to drive them themselves.  If you feel inventive, you can build a walk through car wash with PVC pipe and hook it up to the garden hose. This fizzy and foamy activity will keep your kids engaged for hours while you finish your housework inside.

Squirt gun painting

If you want to make the summertime fun-filled for your kids, you can also get them squirt paint on a canvas. Squirt gun painting is perhaps one of the most exciting and engaging outdoor activity for your kids. Not only will it allow your kids to play with colors but also improve their creative thinking skills in a big way.

Water balloon paint party

If you are bored of filling water balloons with water, try something new such as paint. Get your kids dressed in white clothes and let them throw paint-filled water balloons at each other. This can be made fun by defining the winning limit. You can measure who is most covered in paint from the number of blotches on their white clothes.

Rainbow bubble wrap tree

Your kids would simply love painting a tree. You can combine sensory play, nature and messy art in rainbow bubble wrap tree for making it amazingly enjoyable for your kids. They can use their creative freedom to paint a dry, withering tree into something incredibly colorful and appealing. You can also plunge into the game if you are bored being just a spectator.

Mud painting

If mud cakes can keep your child engaged, then why not play a game with it? Mud painting can be messy but extremely exciting because it lets your child’s creative juices flow. Mud painting is a gloriously yucky outdoor game. But you just have to ensure that there are no worms in the mud.

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