Luxury Home Builders

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Luxury Home Builders

Stanley Homes Inc. is an integrated design and construction company, offering a multidisciplinary service, including all facets of interior design, architectural design, quality construction management, and cost planning.

  1. The Philosophy

We have a passion for quality construction and architectural design. It is on these foundations that Stanley Homes Inc. Was created. We identify the need for a holistic solution that integrates creative designs with quality construction. We also strive to minimize the expense of fully documented architectural designs and construction cost overrun issues that plague the traditional model.

  1. Concept Design

We offer our clients an experienced design team to help transform their concepts and ideas into a documented design.

  1. Design Development

In the process of developing concept design, we invite our clients to be involved in the design process through interactive design workshops. This gives the opportunity for client’s passion, concepts, emotions, personality and ideas to be embedded into the design through the expertise and experience of our designers. We document these designs instantaneously and display them in 3D to allow all parties to see the design development as it takes place.

  1. Cost Planning

After completing the series of workshops and signing off the design, Stanley Homes Inc. cost plans the design and provides an itemized quotation for the construction works. Since we are offering both design and construct services, we understand exactly how we are going to construct the design and therefore accurately design the project from concept stage.

  1. Interior Design

While moving from design to construction, there are many selections and decisions to be made. There are some clients that require all selections to be made upfront. Our several years of experience as luxury home builders, we understand the enormity of this process and therefore engage an interior designer to help develop the overall feel of the project and help with these selections. Furthermore, we stage the selection process over the course of the project to allow our clients to focus their decisions of the critical selections at that point in time.

  1. Construction

We have a highly experienced construction team that is able to transform the design into reality with great attention to detail. At Stanley Homes Inc. we believe that our reputation is in the detail of the design and the quality of workmanship and construction. To achieve this, we use only quality tradesmen and contractors and accept nothing other than the best for our clients.framed_house

Stanley Homes Inc. is widely regarded as an industry leader for luxury custom homes. The luxury homes we build are crafted to the highest standard using only quality materials from leading suppliers. As the nation’s leading luxury home builders in the best locations in Brevard and Volusia county areas, we provide what matters most: superior design options, the highest quality construction, and a partnership with a builder you can trust. We build more than homes. We build communities. We strive to build a long term relationship with our clients, that is why we have to do the right thing the first time.


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