Landscape Lighting Trends for New Homes in Brevard County, FL

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If you are asked to rate the looks and appearance of your yard, what score would you possibly give it? Perhaps the overgrown greens and flowers, which have started covering the sidewalk now, look rustic and stylish to you, but have you ever tried to think how your visitors view your garden or yard? Maybe instead of stylish and rustic, your visitors view it as unkempt and neglected. If you are a proud owner of one of the Stanley Homes, below are some quite effective but simple Landscape and outside lighting ideas that you can use to improve the functionality and overall aesthetical appeal of your home in Brevard County or in Space coast.


Lighting trends

An important thing that you always should remember is that the purpose of lighting is not just to provide light to the given area, but it should also be capable to create and uplift the mood of occupants of old and new homes in Viera FL. To begin with, it is important to choose the landscape lighting systems for your lawn or garden that can add elegant but adequate lighting for your lawn. You can accomplish this successfully by opting for a set of pathway lights and by choosing a couple of up-lights to be used on specific trees, to enhance and beautify the overall looks of your garden and home.

With more innovative technology these days one of the hottest trends for lighting is LED’s.  The color intensity of LED light can be very appealing to the eye and give you the extra edge to your landscape package.  Many people even opt for LED lights during the holidays due to the vivid and crisp color compared to the regular lights that were typically used before the technology of LED lighting.  LED lighting also has other benefits like producing very little heat and not giving off the infrared that may attract certain pesky insects.

Just like holiday lights  are capable of enhancing the look of any outdoor space instantly, landscape lights accomplish the same purpose, but the only difference is that you will get the same effect all year round. Therefore, if you are looking for a new home builder or even new homes in Viera FL or Space coast, make sure that they provide you the option of landscape lighting.

Designing the outdoor space

If you are looking for new homes for sale or you may be planning to buy custom homes, you will soon realize that outdoor areas are often the most neglected spaces in any home. Many homeowners are dependent on natural lighting for their outdoor areas, such as lawns, patio areas and garden etc. Therefore, you can make your home easily stand out from ordinary homes in Brevard County or Space coast, by opting for new constructions, which can allow you to add a new touch of style and elegance to your home by using outdoor lighting.

Safety and Security

Without a doubt, landscape lightning in any of the new homes in Viera FL can enhance its functionality and ambiance, but this is also the best security feature you can get for your home. With the help of a reputable custom new home builder company, such as Stanley Homes, you can get outstanding landscape lighting for any of your outdoor spaces. Aside from preventing common accidents, these outdoor lights are also highly effective in deterring criminals and burglars, who generally attack a home by taking advantage of darkness.



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