How to Keep the Florida Heat Out (Best Insulation Practices)

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How to Keep the Florida Heat Out (Best Insulation Practices) | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

Sunny and warm are probably the first two words that come to your mind when someone mentions the climate of Florida. While South Florida has a distinct tropical savanna climate, the central and north part of this state has humid subtropical climate. Some periods of the year are rainy while others are dry. But, if there is one characteristic of this weather, that has to be the typical Florida heat.  This is the reason why many homeowners in Melbourne are wondering how to keep the Florida heat out of their homes. According to many experts, by installing home insulation, homeowners can keep their home comfortable regardless of the weather. They can also cut the cooking expenses and protect the environment too.

In order to get the best optimal energy efficiency and to prevent Florida heat from entering your home, you should get proper insulation for your home starting from the roof and ending with the foundation. Besides insulation, it is a good idea to establish efficient air leakage and moisture control in every part of your house because as you know these two things can be a big issue in Florida too.

So, first of all we should mention the attic insulation. Batt insulation and loose-fill are probably the most popular choices today. If you can find someone for loose-fill insulation this is probably the best solution because it covers wider areas and it is inexpensive. Regardless of the choice you make, it is crucial to insulate and seal air leaks.

Next, in case the ducts located in your home are placed in unconditioned area, it is crucial to seal them and provide good insulation. Those who are planning to build a new home should put the ducts in conditioned spaces and prevent energy loss.

If you insulate the ceiling in the right way you will be able to keep the temperatures there almost the same as room temperatures and let the temperature distribute all over the home in a proper way. Some experts say that a cathedral ceiling is the most logical choice because it provides sufficient space between the home’s ceiling and the roof deck. When it comes to concrete suggestions

Another important aspect of home insulation and the best insulation practices associated with it is exterior wall insulation. Some experts claim that blow-in insulation is a good solution because it delivers excellent air sealing which will keep the typical Florida heat outside. On top of that, this type of insulation can be used on existing exterior walls without much effort and without compromising the look and functionality of your home. In case you are remodeling your home and the walls are open you can also try cellulose and spray foam insulation.

Finally, don’t forget the foundation because this part of the home can increase the moisture and reduce your ability to control the temperature if left without insulation. Always consult a professional in this field and hire them to finish this task in a proper way.

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