Inside Your Home: Chandelier or Deer-Head? By Stanley Homes, Custom Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia Counties

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Modern-and-Rustic-Interior-Design-in-Balcombe-1Stanley Homes, Custom Home Builder in Florida, has built over 500 homes all of which have been very different on the inside and outside.  With so many interior decorating choices to choose from how do you know which style best represents you and your family?

Whether it is Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic, or Rustic we have gathered a little information on a few of these designs as well as found a fun link to help you to determine what look is just right! There is no “right” or “wrong” way to decorate your custom built home, it all depends on your likes and most every design has flexibility to be used to complement one another.

Most Contemporary Design includes colors that represent natural hues like browns, taupe’s, creams, and pure whites. The furniture has clean lines and smooth surfaces and is made of lighter woods like maple and birch wood. You would typically see fabrics like silk, wool, linen and cotton in this type of living space as well.  Accents of bolder colors are used in items like area rugs, pillows or a throw.

Modern Designs often reflect a neutral palette as well.  Most modern designs start with white or even black walls and bold furniture with lots of glass, chrome, and metals.  Fabrics are usually in neutral tones and the focal points tend to be art pieces with lights accenting them.  The furniture is sleek with straight lines.

Eclectic represents a gathering of unique furniture pieces, bold bright colors and the use of natural and man-made materials with metals and high shine objects like a  plastic chair for instance.  The bold colors are the main focal points and the use of many different colors all at once adds to the charm of this home design. There is no rhyme or reason just an explosion of fun and excitement.

Rustic Design caters to the outdoorsy types.  This doesn’t mean that you need a deer head mounted somewhere in your living room (unless that’s your style).   Rustic simply means a lot of natural items brought indoors.  Your custom built home could have a lot of wood elements such as tree trunk end tables, wooden beams across the ceilings and even an old door refurbished door into a dining room table.  Rustic does not have to be woodsy or feel like you live in a wood cabin either; you can add bright pops of color throughout to compliment the natural palette for a more modern upgrade.

In doing research we came across a few links you may find helpful in figuring out what style is exactly yours.

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