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Gazebo by the LakeweblrgIt surprises some home buyers, especially first time buyers, that a home owner’s association is in place and buying the property is not possible without agreeing to the deed restrictions and by-laws of said association. Further, it surprises them to learn those restrictions are enforced and home owners cannot just add a purple door or a large play fort in the back yard, or build a pool over, or even near, an easement, etc.

But home owner associations, which developers and builders alike must work with and adhere to similar restrictions, can be the home owner’s ally.

Home Owner Associations (HOAs), over 300,000 of them in the United States, cover all types of property types, both single family detached, attached and multi-family, including town homes, custom homes, production builder homes, condominiums, gated neighborhoods, harbors with boat houses. Some are small (2-3 homes) while others might be covering master planned communities or entire villages (small town size). Regardless, they serve a purpose. While they may seem like a hassle, to the buyer or the builder, most owners, by far, enjoy the protection afforded by the deed restrictions and by-laws.

The rules and regulations can vary widely, so it is important to understand them before any purchase. As your builder, we can help with that. If you have issues you think might be relevant, or an issue, let’s discuss those. Some examples that may violate the deed restrictions include: parking multiple cars, operating a for profit enterprise out of the home, limiting the number, and type, of animals, what the land or residential construction may be used for, even the age of the occupants, in some cases.

HOAs are also known as property owners associations, community associations, condominium associations or other names. Again, we can help you with this, whether you are buying a unit we have already built, or you are considering building a unit, of any type, anywhere. Keep in mind, depending on your construction project, there may also be permits and environmental restrictions or possibly even restrictions related to the construction science (earthquakes, floods, etc.).

Generally speaking, even if you read about complaints online, most consumers like HOAs because they help maintain all types of standards, which in turn, protect property values.

Another big benefit you the home owner will most likely have in an association is a shared benefit, and shared cost to maintain, common areas such as swimming pools, sometimes the roads themselves, street lights, clubhouses, gym(s), green spaces, detention or retention (water) ponds, parking lots, tennis courts, not to mention other shared expenses such as trash collection, snow removal and more. These elements are paid for through the association dues, which may be annual or monthly and will be part of your closing documents. These dues are assessed thereafter in accordance with how the home owner association board of directors and the home owner association management company (if any) manages the accounting.

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