What Happens After Your Home Is Built: Home Builder Warranties by Stanley Homes

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custom home builder Stanley HomesAs a custom home builder, Stanley Homes creates houses to meet your wants and needs. Our work starts by listening to your requirements and translating them into plans. Next we break the plans down into a sequence of small projects involving different contractors and the products and materials they need. Our job is to keep the project moving forward, solve problems that may impact the schedule or budget, and deliver a finished home. We include checkpoints in the schedule to review workmanship and insure your home is built with quality but once in a while, a problem product or contractor mistake may slip through our quality review process.

That’s why we offer you a home builder warranty, to give you the peace of mind that the necessary corrections will be made to resolve these problem. This article outlines what’s covered and what’s not, by home builder warranties.

Introducing Home Builder Warranties

Where your new home is located and how you’re financing your house affect the type of builder warranty you get. The Federal Trade Commission has identified the following builder warranty programs:

  • Home warranties backed by your home builder.
  • A warranty purchased from an independent company.
  • Drywall and painting, generally for 1 year.
  • Similar to home warranties for existing homes, buyers can buy additional coverage from a third-party warranty company.

The FHA and VA require builders to purchase a third-party, home builder warranty and some states have special builder warranty requirements. As laws change frequently, it’s best to check with your state’s Attorney General Office.

A home builder warranty is typically broken up into one, two and ten year terms, based on the type of repair needed. One-year is used for labor and materials, two years for mechanical defects (plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems) and ten years for structural defects.

What’s Included in a Builder Warranty

Before you close on your new home, you should do a final walk-through and prepare a “punch list” of items for us to complete. It is much easier to get problems fixed before you move in and if you’re not comfortable, consider having a home inspection before closing and/or before your warranty period ends.

The home builder warranty program focuses on workmanship and materials, and typically defines how repairs will be made. The home components covered include:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Roofs and siding, doors, windows and trim.
  • Drywall and painting, generally for 1 year.

Knowing what’s covered and for how long is important. You can expect some nail pops and minor cracks in drywall during the first year as the ground around your home settles. You want to request repairs before your first year is over.

What’s Not Included in Builder Warranties

Some expenses aren’t covered by your builder warranty. It’s important to understand your homeowner responsibilities are versus those of your home builder or remodeler.

  • Home appliances are consumer products and covered by manufacturer warranties, which we transfer to you.
  • Warranties don’t cover detached home features like detached garages, driveways, walkways, patios and decks and other landscaping features.
  • Your builder warranty won’t cover normal normal wear and tear of construction materials within expected levels, i.e. small foundation cracks.
  • Problems due to weather conditions.
  • Damage from misuse or neglecting basic home maintenance responsibilities.
  • Failure to have adequate ventilation and humidity control.
  • Damage caused by people you hire to work on your house, vandals, animals or “acts of God”.
  • Your builder warranty doesn’t cover housing costs and expenses if you have to move out of your home while repairs are made.

Disclaimer: This article provides information. It is not providing advice for a specific matter, nor is it provided by an attorney. Laws vary from one state to another. For legal advice on a specific matter, you should consult with an attorney.

If you have already purchase a home with Stanley Homes and need to place a Warranty Request please visit our website under Stanley Homeowners or click here.


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