Green Building Materials — Are They Strong Enough for Hurricanes?

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Green Building Materials — Are They Strong Enough for Hurricanes? | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

Green and eco-friendly building materials are becoming a real hit in the past few years, especially here in Central Florida. Obviously, these materials are used as part of eco-friendly construction. Green building materials have one purpose – to allow people to design and build structures that won’t hurt the environment. According to many designers, construction workers and homeowners, green building materials are very durable, create pleasant atmosphere and they are relatively inexpensive too. There are many different types of green building materials. For instance, when it comes to wood materials people use recovered wood flooring, bamboo flooring, stopper flooring etc. Green insulation materials include cotton protection, fiberboard, so-called blown protection etc. There are also some good natural materials used for roofing too.

As we have already mentioned, green building materials are very durable, but there are many homeowners who are wondering whether these materials are strong enough for hurricanes? Hurricanes can bring many dangers to properties and people. The debris flying around is often fatal to the people living in areas where hurricanes occur often. It is obvious that materials like concrete are more resistant to hurricanes, but what about timber and some other green building materials?

The answer is yes, green building materials can resist the power of hurricanes, but only when the building has adequate design and construction methods. Of course, there are situations where this damage cannot be avoided, but in most cases if everything is done in the right way these damages will be minimal. One of the most common problems related to hurricanes at least when it comes to buildings is flooding. The waves and storms have such power that has ability to destroy houses and stores.

Without any doubts, the selection of building materials can have impact on the building’s ability to withstand hurricanes. Although people can’t always use different building materials it is highly recommended to use resistant green building materials in areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes.

One good example of a material like this is timber. Timber is used in many different types of buildings. This material is sustainable, relatively cheap and has an excellent level of flexibility. Logically, if the building is exposed to high winds, it would be better to use materials that are a little bit flexible, yet strong. The only problem with timber as a sustainable building material is the fact that it is prone to dry rotting and termites. But, this problem occurs only in buildings where the timber is untreated. If the timber structure is affected by these problems, it probably won’t be able to resist the pressure of hurricanes. The best solution is to use pressure-treated timber.

Another thing that homeowners should remember is the roofing and its design. There are several green building materials that can be used for roofing, but the main point is the design of the roofing. Professional roofers should know how to design a roof suitable for areas that often experience hurricane problems. Finally, don’t forget that the doors and windows play significant role in situations like this and that they too can be made from green building materials.

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