What Does Your Front Door Say about You and Your Brevard Home?

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The front door of your new construction home can say a lot about you to those passing by your house or visiting your home. It can be inviting, awe-inspiring, or highly intimate based on the color palettes you use for your front door as opposed to the rest of your house. What do different colors say about you and your personality? What should you keep in mind while choosing colors to paint your front door?

Colors on your front door and what they say about you

These are some of the most popular colors people use on their Brevard homes for their front doors, and this is what each of these colors says about the personality of the people living behind those doors:

  • Blues: Light blue hints at comfort, laid-back attitude, and positivity, a comfortable home. Dark blue points at vintage and ageless beauty, someone who like heirlooms and antiques.
  • Reds and pinks: These are flirty and romantic colors that point at a vivacious, outgoing personality. These colors hint at boldness, offbeat attitude, generosity, and thoughtfulness.
  • Yellow: It is the color of sunshine and points to a happy, welcoming personality. This color hints at openness, optimism, individualism, and creativity.
  • Creams and whites: These are associated with peace and calm. They point to a calm, quiet personality, someone who likes peace and stays away from big crowds and noise.
  • Oranges and browns: These colors point to a personality that does not hold back and likes everything clutter free. They hint at modernity, positivity, and practicality with a hint of dreaminess, especially with orange.
  • Blacks and grays: Blacks hint at mystery and a need for personal space and privacy. Grays point to simplicity and classic timelessness. Both colors inspire a quiet and subtle elegance.
  • Purple and lavender: These colors point at an artistic personality, one who lives in a world of their own and does not bother about what goes on around.
  • Greens: It is a color palette that inspires quiet elegance and a homely atmosphere. Various shades of this color point to an affinity for nature and a close-knit community of loved ones who are always welcome home.

If you are planning your new home construction, keep these colors and what they stand for in mind when choosing the colors or your home and your front door. After all, your front door is a door to you and your personality as well.

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