Five Top Kitchen Design Trends in Brevard for 2016

by / Friday, 29 April 2016 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.
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Kitchen design trends in Brevard are changing every year and it is really difficult to predict the future because designers come up with some very innovative solutions. However, many experts agree that functionality is the focal point of every kitchen remodeling project today. People today lack time, so anything that can make their life easier and speed up their work in the kitchen is appreciated. Faster preparation and cleanup are definitely something that every homeowner needs.

Based on these predictions, we have created a short list of five kitchen design trends that will mark this 2016 in Brevard.

Waste and recycle centers

Even though the use of trash bins placed right under the cabinet is not something new, we are witnessing a trend in which eco-friendly solutions are experiencing increased popularity. For instance, many people use different bins for collecting food waste and recyclable waste. Another good solution is the use of cabinets that can be opened with a touch instead of using your hands which is quite helpful when your hands are dirty.

Pullout baskets for the kitchen products

This option will not only make your kitchen look more attractive and neat, but it will also provide a chance to use storage space that will keep products fresh for a long period of time. They come with metal mesh that supports proper air circulation and keep the foods in best condition. Finally, they can also be cleaned much simpler than traditional baskets.

Activity areas

In the past, interior designers have relied on the so-called work triangle which definitely contributed to the increased efficiency and productivity in this part of the home. By using this rule, modern designers have created another rule that will help kitchen users categorize utensils and appliances used in the kitchen depending on their level of use.

Dish drawers

A neat kitchen is a pleasant kitchen and this is the reason why peg systems for cabinet drawers will remain popular not only in 2016, but also in the near future too. The good news is that there is a wider range of materials and styles to choose from that will aid you make dish drawers that will suit any cabinet style. Getting a neat and organized kitchen will definitely help you perform kitchen tasks faster. If you are looking for a good tip, you should know that small appliances and heavy dishes should be kept low unless you are planning to stretch your body and muscles all the time by keeping them in upper cabinets.

Kitchen sinks with several functions

The kitchen sinks are one of the elements in the kitchen that we use for any type of meal preparation. Sometimes they are used in the beginning while in other cases they are used in the end. If the sink is large you will be able to keep the mess inside it. However, some sink accessories like strainers, drainers and cutting boards are able to ease this mess and help cooks organize everything in a simpler way.

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