Custom Staircases When Building a New Home in Viera FL

by / Friday, 28 December 2012 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

Stanley Homes is all about the choice to customize your new home in Viera, FL.  When building a two story home, that first impression when you walk in the front door can be critical.  The staircase can really put that “wow” factor into the value of your home.  Dramatic staircases have always had a huge visual impact on how somebody views a home.  Years ago you only thought of magnificent staircases when you thought of mansions ,but now custom staircases have become increasingly popular when building a new home in Viera, FL.  Stanley Homes offers a variety of styles and finishes to choose the perfect staircase. One of the more popular trends currently is to combine wood with wrought iron, which is exactly what one of our homeowner’s did when building their new home in Viera, FL.

On a new custom home we just finished in Merritt Island, FL the customer wanted the staircase to be one the main focal points of their home and it certainly is.  You definitely get that eye catching experience when you step through the front double doors into the foyer to see the dramatically curved staircase leading to the open concept second story. The homeowner chose the popular finish I mentioned above combining wood and wrought iron and it came out beautifully.

Staircases are almost like a unique work of art that sets your home apart from the next.  So why not have that breathtaking staircase when building your new home in Viera, FL withStanley Homes.


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