Custom Home Curb Appeal in Brevard County FL

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Custom Home Curb Appeal in Brevard County FLCustom Home Builders like Stanley Homes think that curb appeal is just as important as the interior design of the home. Stanley Homes wants your new custom home to make a great impression on any family member, friend or even just the common passerby. Maybe you are selling your home and curb appeal is what is going to make those new home buyers call on your property! Whether you are inviting people over or it’s a new home for sale, you always want them to be able to pull in the driveway and say “WOW, this home really has curb appeal”.

New homeowners in Brevard County, FL are sometimes so preoccupied with interior design and beautiful construction of their custom homes that the importance of curb appeal is lost on them. As a result, they not only miss the opportunity to impress potential buyers, but also don’t get the most visual appeal of their property. This article will point you at some simple and creative ways of improving the exterior of new homes on Florida’s Spacecoast and the surrounding area.

Most curb appeal improvement solutions were created to improve your home’s value on the Florida real estate market, which is why they are very cost-effective. The best place to start dressing up your new custom home exterior is the front yard. You will achieve a significant improvement by edging the driveway and placing lights along your sidewalk. Custom home builders in Brevard County FL like Stanley Homes, also use different designs and colors with their brick pavers to add additional curb appeal to the new homes.

Once your yard is in the spotlight, make sure that you invest some time into landscaping and gardening. Just a few well-planted flowers can make a great difference in the curb appeal of new homes. At Stanley homes meeting with the landscape designer to go over which would visually look best for your new home is key. When adding new plants, don’t forget to also remove the dead bushes and cut trees that damage the visual appeal of your Spacecoast property. It also looks nice to add a few decorations like such as pottery, statues, or even a fountain. For many custom built homes in Brevard County FL Stanley Homes has seen a popularity in front yard fountains. There are many sizes and designs to choose from and the lighted fountains give that extra element during the evening hours.

For homes that are a little older, after you improve the looks of your front yard, it’s time to work on the house itself. Put a fresh coat of paint on your walls, porch and especially the front door. Make sure that your lock and handle is in proper order before inviting your friends or potential buyers. If your house has a garage, you might want to get new doors for it as well.

These are just some of the many things you can do to increase the value of your house, quickly and at a very low cost. Sometimes it is just the little things will not only help you improve your property’s curb appeal.

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