Should I Make A Custom Backyard Design?

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Should I Make A Custom Backyard Design? | Home Construction | Stanley Homes 1

We believe your Custom Backyard Design should serve as both a glamorous entertaining space and a luxurious getaway destination, where you can relax and escape from the demands of everyday life. No matter what your vision, we promise to help you perfect and execute it, bringing your dreams to life as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your old landscape or want to build something entirely new, here are some great tips to follow to design the perfect backyard retreat:

Make it interactive

Make your deck a whirlwind of adventure by defining different activity zones within the space. You can have a space for dining, an outdoor kitchen area for cooking and a custom built pool for relaxing in the sun. Make sure that your deck or patio is designed as an extension of your home’s existing architecture, so that the outdoor area flows nicely with the layout and design indoors.

Make it private

Fences and garden walls are just the thing to enclose an outdoor space and make it feel more private. Use your landscaping to define different spaces within your yard, and help minimize the view that your neighbors may have overlooking your property. Lattice and pergolas are also great options to help define and privatize an outdoor space.

Make it sun and shade friendly

No matter how much you love laying out by the pool or tanning on your luxurious outdoor chaise lounge, there will inevitably come a time when you’re ready for a break from the sun. Large trees, awnings or umbrellas can provide sun relief on those hot days. Incorporate arbors planted with vines to enclose an area and block some of those harmful sun rays, so that you can cool off while still enjoying the outdoors.

Make it spa-like

It’s no secret that hot tubs and spas are linked with relaxation. Add some spa-like elements to your backyard retreat to make the most out of your yard. Make sure to consider the best location for privacy, access to the house and durability of foundation, since hot tubs tend to be very heavy when full.

Make it illuminated

Don’t limit yourself to only enjoying your backyard oasis during the daylight. Adding the proper lighting throughout your deck or patio creates more opportunities to entertain outdoors when the sun goes down.backyrad design

Make your deck a destination by defining different activity zones within the space. Multiple levels carve out spaces for dining and relaxing on this deck.

A pergola covered with luxurious vines and an abundance of plants in containers bring the surrounding garden up onto the deck and help blend the structure into the landscape.

A patio can be a hot slab of concrete baking in the sun–or it can be a welcoming extension of the house, calling you outdoors to enjoy cool breezes and fresh air. With a little planning, you can make your patio a comfortable seasonal room.

Patios are usually surfaced with brick or stone. If you opt for concrete, consider adding texture and color to imitate stone for a more natural look. Design the patio to be an extension of your home’s architecture, and use planting beds, container gardens, and weatherproof furniture to decorate the outdoor space.

If you grill at least twice a week from spring through fall and if you love eating outdoors, you need an outdoor kitchen.

You don’t need a fancy grill, but a countertop for food prep and conveniences such as closed storage and a separate side burner will greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Add a refrigerator and sink to make preparation and cleanup even easier.

Your outdoor room will feel more like an oasis if it has a sense of enclosure. Fences and garden walls ensure privacy for patios, but you can also use lattice, pergolas, and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and screen views of neighboring houses.

Even sun worshippers welcome a little shade. You’ll enjoy your deck or patio more if you can provide relief from the sun. Choices for providing shade include mature trees, umbrellas, retractable awnings, or even pergolas and arbors planted with vines.


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