Caring For Your Granite Countertops In Your New Custom Home In Suntree FL.

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When building a new home with Stanley Homes in San Marino Estates, located in Suntree FL, granite countertops are one of the most popular choices.  Matter of fact Stanley Homes makes Granite countertops a standard upgrade for most all their homes.  Granite stone is a product of nature so each piece is unique.  With granite being a product of nature it is subject to many variations when it comes to color, grain structure and veining.

Whether you are remodeling a home or building a new home in Suntree FL, Stanley Homes wanted to share a few tips when it comes to your granite countertops.

  • While Granite is a very hard stone, it is also slightly brittle.  Never sit or stand on your counter tops.  A hard impact or heavy object could cause damage.
  • Heat will not cause damage to your countertop unless it is over 9000 degrees and RAPID heat changes could also possibly cause damage.
  • Certain cooking oils can cause staining of your granite.  If staining does occur, try a little bit of baking soda.
  • A couple of cleaning solutions that will not damage your stone are Lysol, Windex, 409 cleaner or any other spray cleaner of this type with No ammonia.  Bleached based cleaners will not damage the stone but may lighten the caulk or epoxy.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners such as Comet or Soft scrub.  These types of cleaners will cause damage to the granite.
  • Granite Quartz Stone Care system 3 –in -1 spray cleaner is great for cleaning and polishing all Granite counters.
  • If using aluminum pots & pans, utensils or appliances with aluminum rim, they will not scratch the granite but will leave a trail (like pencil lead on paper).  If you do get an aluminum trail on your granite, you can get rid of most of it by scrubbing Very hard with a pencil eraser.
  • The bacteria resistance of granite is similar to stainless steel.  For removing dried food, glue, dried paint or tape residue, using the flat side of a razor blade works great and will not damage your countertop, remember granite is harder than steel.


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