What You Can Learn from Home Energy Use in Florida?

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The amount (and even the type) of energy, people use in their homes is closely related to the climate where they live and the number and types of devices that use this energy. As we all know Florida has subtropical and tropical savanna climate with relatively high temperatures throughout the year. So, it is no surprise that about 27% of household energy use in Florida goes on air conditioning and just 9% on heating. At the same time, half of the home energy use is for lighting, electronics, and appliances. The remaining 14% are used for water heating.

What is interesting is that the amount of energy and the ways in which we use energy in Florida is changing very fast. If we take a close look at the statistics, we will notice that in the past 30 years, home energy use for air conditioning has increased 250%. At the same time, the number of electronics and appliances people use in their homes in Florida has reached record high levels. Obviously, just like anywhere else, the use of stoves, cooking equipment and refrigerators has become some sort of standard, but many homes in Florida now have dishwashers, microwaves, clothes dryers and washer and other appliances that were not used so frequently in the past.

In addition, there is another growing trend that affects home energy use in Florida – the use of more than one computer or TV. Let’s not forget that people from Florida are following the latest trends and as we all know technology is constantly evolving and the market is providing access to new devices like gaming consoles, DVRs, rechargeable devices like tablets and smartphones and many other things. Twenty years ago, the number of users of cell phones was 100 times smaller than today. This is one of the reasons why half of the home energy use is for electronics and appliances.

Electricity and natural gas are the most used energy sources in Florida. Some of them use propane and heating oil. What is interesting is that despite the warm, tropical and subtropical climate, the majority of homes in Florida use some form of heating during the “cold” months. Most households rely on heat pumps and electric furnaces. On the other hand, Floridian homes use three times more energy on air conditioning and in this case they are relying on electricity. Of course, electricity helps people keep their lights on and keeps almost every appliance like computers, fridges, toasters and other appliances running.

There is no doubt that home energy use in Florida can be reduced. First of all, people can choose appliances that need less energy. They can also rationalize the use of these appliances. In addition, they can invest in better insulation (especially attic insulation), more efficient HVAC and invest in new windows and doors. Repairing cracks and holes in the home and repairing duct leak can also help homeowners in Florida cut the energy use.

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