Building Your Dream Home in Melbourne Florida, Top Trends for the Next Decade

by / Friday, 20 May 2016 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.
Marsh Harbour II 3D front elevation

The number of homeowners in Melbourne Florida is growing and this is not a surprise for people who have knowledge about Melbourne Florida’s property market. Namely, the prices of the properties in almost any location in this state are increasing which means investing in a home in Florida is a smart idea. So, in case you are building your dream home in Melbourne Florida, you should know that you’ve made the right decision. The only thing that is left is to include some of the top trends in home construction that will make your home beautiful in the next decade too.

Creating contrasting environment

If you want your Melbourne home to look more interesting, trendy and attractive, you should focus in creating contrasts. For instance, you can use dark or even black countertops in the kitchen (use granite or quarts materials) and neutral or white cabinets and other kitchen elements. The idea is to highlight all the elements you have in the kitchen. The same goes with the furniture and walls in the other rooms. For example, feel free to make some of the walls darker and use sofas with neutral base colors. Any room will look more vivid and warmer when you use such contrasts. In any case, the room won’t look dull.

Outdoor kitchen

Florida is known for many things, but one of the things that most people like about this state and why many of them decide to build their dream home here is the weather. People who live in Melbourne have plenty of chances to spend their days and night in their yards because of the warm weather. As a matter of fact, many Floridians are creating outdoor living areas and include kitchens in these areas. Keep in mind that this kitchen should contribute to the comfortable, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere that you can find in your yard.

Eco-friendly elements

In the next decade, people should become even more conscious of the planet Earth, so it is not a surprise if most of them include environmental appearance inside their homes by using eco-friendly elements. A good example of such home elements are tables made from recycled materials or specific elements in the kitchen or bathroom that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Metal elements

Of course, not everything in your home needs to be eco-friendly. People who are building homes in Florida also like metal when it comes to fixtures, appliances and hardware. Steel, chrome and nickel are some of the most used metals today. Metal is praised for its durability and value.

Smart home

Everything around us is becoming smart, so why should our home be an exception? When it comes to smart technology and smart homes, this means the use of automated security, lighting, heating and electronic devices. There are smart thermostats, smart security systems (with different kinds of sensors), smart touchless faucets and many other things that can make your life easier and your home more attractive and modern.

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