How to Build a Home that Can Withstand a Hurricane in Melbourne FL

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On the off chance that an EF5 hurricane strikes your location, there is relatively nothing you can do to address the situation. But in order to prevent the worst situation from happening, Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL makes a compendium of innovation and techniques accessible that will provide your house’s capacity to withstand powerful winds.

Hurricane-Proof Installation

Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL believes that there is nothing much that you can do once an Enhanced Fujita 5 hurricane hit your home. In other cases, people will rather take the chance rather than invest their money in the technology that can ensure their house safety. For those who want to make their house hurricane-proof there is a wide selection of technology available; from window shutter to roof clips and even the more costly type of installation that will reinforce your walls and doors. For those who do not take the preventive measure to safeguard their property, they should have at least an in-house safe location.

Building a Strong Door

Under the FEMA standard, the windstorm item should have the capacity to withstand the pressure of 250mph wind. Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL can provide you a list of doors that fall under this standard that can withstand this extreme pressure. These doors are specifically designed for safe and shelter room, but these doors can also be utilized as a door for your entrance.

Strengthen Your Garage Door

Experts believe that the weakest link of your home is your garage door. After your garage door has been compromised, you can expect that the remaining parts of your house will start to disintegrate. The strong winds will place an extreme pressure in your house and will blow your roof like an empty tin can. Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL recommends installing a garage door that has no window. It should also have the capacity to endure a pressure of 50 pounds. The single door installed in our garage also has the higher probability to survive.

Keeping Your Roof On

During a massive hurricane, the wind can create an inward pressure that will push against the wall and the upward pressure will push against our roof. The pressure will basically have the capacity to rip out your roof particularly the part that has weaker connection. After the roof will be lifted off, the walls are now left with no bracing or lateral stability. This means that as long as you keep your roof, you will have the higher chance of keeping your entire home. Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL advises that you use a galvanized hurricane clip to fortify your roof.

It is virtually impossible to change the direction of the hurricane, but we can enhance the way we build our homes and be ready for the things that are inevitable. This may sometimes mean that we have to build our homes from the non-conventional types of materials such as ICF. In Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL, we have the capacity to protect your home and prevent you from incurring additional expenses after the devastating impact of the hurricane.

Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL can help you in making your dream home complete. We have the knowledge and experience building custom luxury homes, so you can rest assured that your home will be built exactly to your specifications. With a custom home from Stanley Homes you can customize it exactly how you want so your family will love it. Please give the professionals a call at Stanley Homes in Melbourne Florida. Stanley Homes designers and planners can help you build the best home for your lifestyle. To talk to a professional home designer and builder please give us a call at 321-684-7761 or contact us via email. With convenient locations in Brevard we can help you plan your new construction home to your exact needs. Florida Style of Living Homes from Stanley Homes.


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