Benefits Of Tile Floors

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Benefits Of Tile Floors | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

Ceramic tile has many advantages over hardwood floors. Ceramic tiles for example are a very enduring floor material due to the fact that it is very resistant to most forms of wear and tear that can effect hardwood floors. You have many options when it comes to choosing your new floor, but ceramics offer features and benefits that set it apart from any other flooring material you might consider.

Ceramic tile has a very decorative look to it, and it’s very popular in new construction homes. Tile can be used in more than just your bathrooms and kitchen. People today are using tile in both their dining rooms and living rooms. Another place ceramic tiles are well suited for is basements ( if you have a basement). Another great feature is ceramics is the large selection of finishes and textures available on the market today, from stone finish to traditional glazed finishes, there is a style to please anyone today. Here are the top three benefits of ceramic tile.

Installation Variety

You are not limited to just flooring for ceramic tile usage. You can let your imagination and creative juices run wild with tiles. They can be used on walls, made into murals, portico’s and even counter tops. You can opt for a tile floor then go with a contrasting tile for your walls for example.


There are ceramic tiles still in place from the Roman Empire days, so that should tell you how durable they are. Ceramic tiles are perfect for any high traffic area of your home. They also don’t get dirty as quickly as wood floors.  The only drawback tile has as far as durability goes is impact resistance, but unless you plan on throwing hammers or bowling balls at your ceramic tile floor, you have little to worry about. Storing a few extra tiles in storage is a wise idea in case of any accidents. If you opt for grout with your tiles you will not need to worry about water damage.

Cost Effectiveness

Ceramic tile is one of the most cost effective flooring surfaces you can buy. When you factor in how long ceramic tile will last and its low maintenance qualities, you can quickly see why it’s one of the best materials you can choose for the floors, walls, and fixtures in your home. Installation can be pricey, but you’ll save money over time because you won’t need to replace the ceramic tiles.

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