The Art of Creating a Family Room That Your Whole Family Will Love

by / Friday, 13 May 2016 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

A family room is a type of room that has similar purpose as the living room, but it is way less formal. The primary role of this room is to allow the whole family to enjoy watching TV, reading, using a computer and other similar activities that are usually not associated with people of certain age. What is important to point out is that when you are creating a family room you must design something that will make you and your family comfortable not to impress outsiders. After all, this is a room that will be used by your family. Different people have different ideas about family rooms and their appearance. Some people love small and cozy family rooms while other people want large rooms with a lot of space for each family member. No matter what kind of family room you prefer, there are some basic rules that can help you create the ideal family room.

First of all, we must highlight the fact that every family room must have a sofa, a few chairs and some bookshelves. In case some family member are passionate readers, you should probably find a spot in this room where you will place bookshelves that start from the floor and go all the way up to the ceiling. Having a TV in this space is also a must, but the fact is that there are situations when the TV can distract you in some other activities, so it may be a good idea to use an armoire to hide it when it’s not used. Many experts advise homeowners to create an entertainment center situated in one place of the room where family members can play different games, use the computer or laptop and listen to music.

Even though the family room is a special room, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid placing plants in it. With the help of plants and flowers you can make the room more attractive. In addition, you should add a few lighting options especially if someone uses this room for reading. You can use floor lamps, table lamps and overhead light to get extra light and create a more pleasant atmosphere in this space. When we talk about accessories and accents you should also add some prints and pictures in this room. Make sure that every family member likes them before you make your final decision.

In most cases, the family room will be used only by family members, so you should select the colors that you like. In case you are fond of bright or neutral colors, don’t hesitate to use them. If you like darker nuances you can also use these nuances too. The only thing that you should take into consideration is that bright colors make rooms larger while dark colors make them look smaller.

When it comes to window treatments, you can rely on curtains, drapes, shades and/or blinds – whatever suits you the best. Don’t forget that each of these options provides different levels of control of lighting.

We hope that these tips will help you create the ideal family room for your family.

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