Answering Your Burning Florida Home Building Questions

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In the last few years there is a significant expansion of the construction industry in Florida. There are many people using professional home building services for custom homes and other types of homes. Even though many of these property owners have some experience and knowledge in this field, there are still many burning questions regarding Florida home building activities. In this article, we will provide answers to some of these questions of great interest to everyone.

Is it a better idea to talk to a home builder before buying land?

While it is true that most people in Florida are contacting home builders (even when they are planning custom built homes) when they already own the property, it is a good idea to contact them before you buy the land. If you have a specific home design in your mind, an experienced home builder can suggest the type of land you should be looking for.

How much time it takes to construct a house?

Professional home builders in Florida know that this is one of the most frequent questions related to home building. Yet, they don’t have a precise answer because it depends on the complexity of the project, the size of the house and its location. Generally speaking, Florida homes are finished in 6 to 18 months.

Is it possible to save money by building my own home instead of using the help of a builder?

Many people believe so, but the experience of many homeowners has shown otherwise. Professional home builders have experience, tools, equipment, manpower and they know where to find materials and other elements needed for the home building at the best price. Replacing materials and items that are not suitable for your home building project is a common thing when people are building their home on their own.

Should I choose existing plans or custom design?

Most homeowners are having this dilemma, mostly because they believe that custom built homes are more expensive. This claim might be true when we are talking about initial investments because a custom design will cost you more, but in the long run, this might be a more affordable option. Namely, these existing, general plans might be unsuitable for your needs and as a result of that you will end up spending more money on things like air conditioning, heating, space and rooms that you don’t actually need etc.

Can I conduct some of the work during this process?

Yes. Many property owners conduct smaller tasks during this process because they want to be part of the building process. However, expert home builders in Florida recommend the use of their services for all the activities during this process.

Is it possible to make changes after the construction has started?

The simple answer is yes. Most home builders will accept your requests during this process, but you should keep in mind that these changes will cost you more.

We hope that these answers will help you make the right choices when building a house in Florida.

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