Affordable Spa-Like Bathroom Upgrades

by / Friday, 12 August 2016 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

In case you are planning main bathroom renovation, you should take some interesting upgrades into account. With the help of these upgrades, you can make your bathroom look like a spa. Of course, not all bathroom upgrades are affordable, but the fact is that there are some spa-like upgrades that won’t cost you a small fortune and you will still make your bathroom into a more comfortable and relaxing space. These upgrades will help you mix functionality with beautiful visual appearance.

Glass shower doors, enclosure, and tiles

The shower is definitely one of the central parts of every modern bathroom. In case you have space and possibility, try to make a spacious enclosure and leave some space for a bench. In addition, remember to add some small but significant pieces of equipment like shower heads that create rain-like streams, body sprays etc. The tiles for the shower must be selected carefully. Of course, the tile can provide better appearance, but the most important part is to find the non-slip tile. Luckily, there are many choices in the market today and many of them are inexpensive. Yet, the best spa-like upgrade that you can get is glass shower doors without a frame if possible. This addition will make your bathroom look more luxurious even though it shouldn’t cost you much.

Under floor heating

One of the main characteristics of a spa is the warmth that users feel inside. You can get this feeling in your own bathroom by placing floor heating. There are hydronic and electric options and the first one is less expensive. Bathroom flooring that is popular today (ceramic, porcelain and stone) might look interesting, but this type of floor is quite cold. Finally, hydronic heating can be used all over the home, so you can consider incorporating such system in your home. In this case, this bathroom upgrade won’t cost you much.

Custom made mirror

Using a custom made mirror can spice up things in your bathroom a little bit. Mirrors are often found in modern spas and there is no reason why you should avoid them. They are very functional and visually attractive. The best part is that the options are almost countless. For example, you can use two separate mirrors with frames or you can select an unframed mirror for a modern look.

Using a soaker tub

Showers are practical, but a soaker tub can improve the design of your bathroom and make it look more like a modern spa. Soaker spas are an excellent way to relax and get rid of tension, but they are also very stylish. There are many different forms of soaker tubs, so choose the one that suits your style the best.

Bathroom lighting

Finally, you can get a spa-like surrounding in the bathroom by choosing the right lighting. Make combinations from different illumination solutions because in this way you will get the perfect, relaxing brightness and enhance the look of your main bathroom. Chandeliers, recessed lighting, ambiance LED lighting – these are some of the affordable options homeowners have.

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