The Advantages and Disadvantages of Engineered Quartz for Your New Home in Melbourne

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Stone countertops are the favorite option for many Stanley Homes homeowners in Melbourne and even though there are many different stones that can be used for this purpose in the past two decades most people were focused on granite. However, in the recent period it seems that engineered quartz has taken lead. Both designers and homeowners are fond of engineered quartz.

Besides the increased popularity of this element, the truth is that the general public still doesn’t know much about it.

The truth is that engineered quartz is used in thousands of homes and yet many people don’t know what this material is and how it is better than the rest of the options found on the market. It is very likely that most of these people have seen this type of countertop in their friend’s homes and they have really liked it, but thought that they were looking at granite or marble. This is not a surprise because engineered quartz appeared much later than these two materials.

If you are interested in this material used in modern countertops, then it is the best idea to learn more about the pros and cons associated with it.

Even though this material is similar to marble, engineered quartz provides a surface that is not porous and more resistant to staining and scratching.

The Pros

No need for maintenance – this material comes with a non-porous and strong surface that is resistant to abrasion, scratching and staining. It takes a small amount of water and soap to clean it completely.

Non-porous – a countertop made of engineered quartz will keep you safe from germs and bacteria and help you stay away from stains caused by tomatoes, oil, coffee and other frequently used kitchen products.

Huge range of color options – according to many experts, this advantage is one of the most important ones because it helps kitchen owners to incorporate this countertop regardless of their kitchen’s style. Engineered quartz has much more color options compared to natural stone and the most popular color options include yellow, blue and bright green. In addition, there are options that look similar to a range of modern designs like natural stone, marble, glass patterns and much more.

Amazing versatility – this special type of quartz provides an opportunity to choose from different edging solutions. In addition, people can use it on vertical surfaces with different dimensions without the need to use noticeable seams, something that they can’t get from natural stone.

The Cons

Sensitive to chemicals – household chemicals based on alkaline or chemicals rich in acidic compounds like bleach or powerful cleaners can cause damage to artificial quartz.

Lower resistance to pressure and heat – engineered Quartz is not resistant to heat as granite and it is more prone to damage and cracks in case we add strong pressure close to the edge.

It cannot be used everywhere – Engineered Quartz can’t be used outside the home or close to fireplaces.

Delicate installation – since it is heavier and denser compared to real stone, cabinetry and flooring must provide adequate support.

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