8 Steps to protect Your Home in Case of an Emergency

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8 Steps to protect Your Home in Case of an Emergency | Home Construction | Stanley Homes

Do you think that your home is prepared to withstand the power of hail and winds of a Florida storm? Is it prepared well enough to avoid significant damage in case of an emergency? While it is true that there are situations when damage in unavoidable, it is also true that there are certain steps that every homeowner can take in order to protect their property and protect their own and their family’s health. Instead of taking actions when these emergencies happen, you should make a plan before they occur. Without a preparation and plan, even relatively small damages can turn into serious and costly problems that will need days to be fixed.

So, before these cases of emergency appear, it is crucial to take these steps.

  1. First and foremost, you must prepare an emergency kit. This special kit should have many different things including: first aid supplies, water and food (non-perishable) for a period of three days for your entire family, mobile radio, personal hygiene products, working batteries, flashlight, some basic tools, mobile lanterns, work gloves, signaling device like air horn, OTC and prescription drugs, additional car keys, additional eyeglasses, small amount of cash, useful contact numbers, copies of crucial documents like insurance policies, personal identification, ownership documents etc.
  2. The next step is to make a plan of action and practice it with your family. Talk about the location where you can go in case of emergency and how you will take cover in cases of disasters and other sorts of emergencies. Make sure that every family member knows that location of the aforementioned emergency kit. In addition, designate certain place in your home or around your home where you can meet in case you are separated. Choose an individual that will serve as a connection between you and your relatives and make sure that you know where you can turn off the devices in your home (locate the main valves and switches).
  3. Installation of shingles with special rating (class 3 or 4) must be taken into consideration in cases like this. In this way you will protect your roof from different types of damage especially during hail.
  4. Take care of the shrubs and trees in the garden. Eliminate old and deteriorating trees and weak branches from the trees because they represent risk to the structure of your home and yourself.
  5. In case you live in a windy area, avoid the use of gravel and rock materials and use bark instead.
  6. Follow the latest news on the local TV stations and radio stations in order to find out what’s going on.
  7. Determine the area in your home that can be considered to be safest. This is a location where you can take cover in case of emergency. In many cases, a small interior room or a basement will be the most adequate solution.
  8. Finally, determine an escape route (or few of them) from your home and make sure that there aren’t any obstacles.

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