7 Features Every Florida Home Should Have

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For the home-owners in Florida, analyze your home and think about the features that you wish you have.  Do you want some privacy, an adequate space for parking or a huge storage area?  There’s a great chance that you haven’t noticed these features during the honeymoon phase with your home.  But as days passed, the deficiency in your house becomes more obvious.  There are times that you can execute a simple fix in your home to address this absence.  But most of the time, some people just try to live with the absence.  Here are the most obvious features that your home should have as recommended by Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL.

  1. Adequate Space

Modern living is quite complicated; a particular room can now be dedicated for various functions.  You need to make sure that your house will have an ample space to address different purposes.  For those who are just in the process of hunting their new home, Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL recommends that you need to be a keen observer.  Great home staging can conceal the most obvious and make the room huge.  Try to picture out the entire room without the furniture and try to replace it with the stuff you already have in your own house.  This will help you in ensuring that it has the right space.

  1. Home Office

Nowadays, the amount of people in Florida working in the comfort of their home is increasing.  But regardless if you are working in home or not, there will come a point when you will need to accomplish a particular task in an office-like environment.  Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL said that it can be quite distracting to file your taxes while you are seated in your kitchen.

  1. Man Cave

A home in Florida will not be complete without a man cave.  Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL can create that perfect space for your table games, leathery furniture, taxidermy and athletic jersey.

  1. Master Bathroom

If a master bedroom is a conventional part of the traditional home, your home in Florida should incorporate a master bathroom.  Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL recommends that it should include all the necessary trimmings.  It should also be aesthetically pleasing and have beautiful scenery particularly while you are indulging on the tub.  However, the view should be away from the birdwatchers and the nosy neighbors.

  1. A Beach Access

Florida is also a home for the pristine beaches, those who have their home nestled in front of the coast; their house should be a stone-throw away from the shore.  There is really no point in living near the shore when you have no intention of getting your feet wet.

  1. Guest Room

Florida is also known to be the community of the most hospitable and welcoming neighborhood which is why it is necessary to have a guest room.  Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL can help you in creating a gracious room that will allow you to share your house with your guest.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

Florida is also a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, which is why Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL recommends having an outdoor kitchen.  You can include an outdoor grill where you will enjoy your time with your friends.

These are just some of the features that a home in Florida should have. Stanley Homes in Melbourne FL can help you in making your dream home complete by adding these few additional touches.  With a custom home from Stanley Homes you can customize it exactly how you want so your family will love it.  Please give the professionals a call at Stanley Homes in Melbourne Florida.  Stanley Homes designers and planners can help you build the best home for your lifestyle.  To talk to a professional home designer and builder please give us a call at 321-684-7761 or contact us via email.  With convienent locations in Brevard we can help you plan your new construction home to your exact needs. Florida Style of Living Homes from Stanley Homes.


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