6 Reasons to Add a Study Room to Your New Construction Floor Plan

by / Friday, 19 February 2016 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.
4-Palm Coast study

A study room is a term used to describe a room in a home that is usually used for computer work, paperwork or simply for reading. In other words, this is a quiet room in which an individual performs some form of intellectual work. If you are in the process of designing a new construction floor plan in Brevard and Volusia Florida, you should definitely consider adding a study room. In case you are not sure why you would need such room, we will give you six good reasons.

  1. It helps you keep things more organized

A study room is a separate space where people can keep file cabinets, documents and paperwork in general. This means that you won’t clutter your bedroom, kitchen, living room, garage or other areas with things that don’t need to be there. With the help of a good study room you will know where you can find the things you need.

  1. It gives you a quiet space to read

When we say read, we don’t necessarily mean studying. People can read newspapers and books in this area too. Home builders usually provide good sound insulation in this area, so the users won’t be affected by the noises that come from outside or inside the house.

  1. Sorting paperwork and taking care of the bills

Just think about this activity. Where do you usually finish these tasks? It is probably in the kitchen or in the living room. Even though you may not be involved in work related to written documents like letters, records and forms all the time, but you certainly make calculations related to your bills every month. During this period, one of your rooms are blocked for hours and it is not unusual to make mistakes when you are dealing with these things in an area that is not separated. Remember that you can always use a study room for this purpose.

  1. Home working

According to some statistics, 3 out of 10 Americans bring work home. We a living in a digital age and this is not a surprise. Checking emails, contacting clients, and filing out expense reports are some of the things that people do at home. If you have a separate room for this purpose you will be more efficient and productive.

  1. Working on the Internet

There are many people who are working online today and we are not talking about their second employment. They are usually working as full-time online freelancers. Having a room like this is a must for these people.

  1. A place to relax

Don’t forget that you can use this space to relax too. Obviously, this room can’t replace the bedroom, but adult members of the family can spend some time in this room to relax and work at the same time.

There are many advantages of having a study room in your home and we have mentioned only some of them.  We have several floor plans that include a study such as the Marsh Harbor, Palm Coast, Verona IV, Captiva III, Monterrey II, and Elba II.   If you would like to discuss adding a study room to your floor plan please contact our professional new construction designers and home planners at Stanley Homes.  We have convenient locations in Brevard and Volusia, so whether you are in Melbourne, Grant, Viera, or New Smyrna Beach we can services you with your home construction needs.  Call us at 321-684-7761 or contact us via email.


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