5 Tips For Keeping Your Plants Warm During Colder Weather from Stanley Homes, Custom Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia County

by / Wednesday, 22 January 2014 / Published in Latest Blog Entries - Stanley Homes Inc.

frost2Stanley Homes, Florida luxury home builder, knows that the weather does not fluctuate very often, but when it does, you are at risk of losing your foliage because of the cold weather. We’re going to share a few ‘tricks of the trade’ to easily keep your plants around your new custom built home, safe this winter season.

  1. Bring plants indoors.  If any of your plants are potted, consider moving them into the garage or even back patio until the weather warms up.
  2. Tuck your plants in.  Any plants that you cannot bring inside collect some old sheets, blankets, tarps or drop cloths to use to cover them.  Be sure to cover them entirely to keep the warmth in. Avoid using any dense materials that could suffocate your plants.
  3. Consider building a cold frame or greenhouse.  If you are a serious plant lover then maybe you should build a greenhouse.  Look up exact instructions online or ask your local Home Depot what the best options are.
  4. Choose plants suited to your climate.  Being in Florida there are not many plants that can’t flourish in our climate but since we are a tropical environment some of the plants you enjoy may not be able to handle the coldness when it does occur.  Do some extra research on your foliage before planting.
  5. Plant your greenery where they have shelter.  Use the alley on the side of your home, or plant as close to the house as you can to help shield from wind and harsh rains.

However you decide to keep your plants safe, don’t forget about your furry friends too!  If you have any pets that stay outside frequently, cut down their play time during the colder weather until it starts to warm up again.  It doesn’t take long before the cooler weather disappears and the warm weather settles in again so get outside and enjoy it while its here!

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