5 Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas for a Green Home

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Stanley Homes Brevard custom homes indoor garden ideas

The idea of an indoor garden

As the world is turning into a concrete landscape, it’s important that you keep your haven safe from the perils of urbanization. But how can you do that? For those of you who aren’t aware, indoor gardens are becoming a popular home decor option these days. After all, there cannot be something better than turning your sweet, little home into a green zone.

Indoor gardens can do wonders for your home. Besides adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home, indoor gardens supply the much-needed oxygen-rich air, which is essential for good health. Moreover, an indoor garden keeps your home cool and comfortable during summers, thus acting as a natural air conditioner. This is extremely helpful to help Brevard homes in the hot summer months.

The indoor garden ideas you need

Turning your home into a green home isn’t that difficult a task. You can use wooden spools to glass jars and macramé hangers to rolling carts for making an amazing indoor garden.

If you are wondering how to set up an indoor garden at home, you certainly need to consider these ideas:

Mason jar herb garden

You can use old glass jars to create an amazing mason jar herb garden at home. Simply nail gold-painted clamps on a wooden slab and slip herb-planted glass jars through them. This wall-mounted collection will turn your interiors into a herbal zone and lend a distinct appeal to your home.

Golden leaf mason herb planters

You can even give your mason jars a contemporary look by adding popular herbs to the interior and some gold leafing to the exterior. Stick a gold leaf adhesive on a clean set of mason jars. After the adhesive gets sticky, lay the golden leaf on top of the jar. Slowly peel off the backing paper and apply a coat of Mod Podge on it. Plant your herbs in the jar and place them on shelves or tabletops for an amazing look.

Indoor woolly pocket

If you have kids or pets at homes, you can simply attach an indoor garden to your wall. You need to first hand make a specially-constructed wall pocket that supports planting. Then you can get some easy-care plants from your local nursery and plant them in the wall pocket. Indoor woolly pockets ensures the safety of your kids and pets and adds visual appeal to your home.

Leather plant hanger

You can use leather scraps to make amazing plant hangers. Simply trim leather scraps, add a plant pot, hang them with ropes and fill them with your variety plant variety. They give a really classy appeal to your indoor garden.

Geometric planters

Simply pour mixed concrete into folded cardboard with drainage tabs. Remove the cardboard to get a proper concrete planter, which you can paint and use for your indoor garden. It adds great appeal to your home and helps you save a lot of money on buying plant pots.

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