4 Backyard Lighting Ideas for Springtime from Stanley Homes

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We all know that home lighting is important when setting a certain mood for your backyard festivities, and Stanley Homes, Custom Home Builder of Brevard & Volusia Counties, found some creative ways to add some charm to the next outdoor gathering you decide to have or you could even make these fancy embellishments with you’re “Spring Breakers” who are “bored” this week. Most of the items needed here you probably already have in stock or are inexpensive to purchase.  Light up your life a little with some of these DIY lighting ideas perfect for Spring!

Tin Can Lights


recycled tin cans
bailing wire
spray paint
tea light candle


Fill can with water and place in freezer until frozen.  Hammer a nail into can while frozen in any pattern you desire and assemble a hook if you want to hang from a tree branch. Thaw can out and dry before spray painting.  Add tea light and hang in desired place.


GrapeVine Balls



grapevine balls (however many you want, and whatever size you can find)
Christmas lights ( dig through your attic)
hot glue


Lay Christmas lights out and place the grapevine balls over each of the lights.  You may not need the hot glue but add a little glue if the grapevines feel unstable.  String lights wherever you like.
Mason Jar Lamps



how ever many mason jars you would like to use
a bag of sand
candles, long or short depending on your preference


Fill Mason Jars with sand place candles in center and display all over your backyard. Enjoy.


Hula Hoop Chandelier



hula hoop
string of icicle lights 1-3
black electrical tape


Sting the lights around the hula hoop creating a draping affect use, electrical tape to secure lose end.

When dealing with anything electrical, always refer to the users manual and be cautious of any fire hazards.  Never leave candles unattended.



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